9-Year-Old Girl Arrested After Her School Bus Tantrum Takes a Violent Turn

school busThere's a ruffian in Florida who faces felony charges after she allegedly spit at a bus driver and threw a chair at the cops after she threatened to kill them. She supposedly became very upset when she was told she wasn't allowed to eat candy on the bus and then could not be calmed down. After she got off the bus, the police showed up and things went from bad to worse. The rowdy troublemaker started throwing asphalt at everyone, and when the cops asked her to calm down, she said, "Shut the f**k up! I will f**king kill you!" and threw an aluminum patio chair at them.

By the way, the culprit is 9 years old.


Her name hasn't been released, but the youngster is facing some serious charges including resisting arrest with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer, and throwing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle (the asphalt). Yikes. Apparently she banged her head against the wall of her jail cell so frequently that the cops had to use pepper spray to calm her down.

Her mother says that her daughter is schizophrenic and can get aggressive if she doesn't take her medication. It's yet to be confirmed that that's the case, but I don't know what's worse: A 9-year-old with a debilitating disorder, or a 9-year-old who might have learned this behavior from home.

She's been handed over to her parents' custody and has been ordered to home detention for 21 days. On the one hand, that sounds harsh if she was having "an episode," as it were. If she wasn't acting like herself and if her medicine helps, then why keep her from attending fourth grade for three weeks? On the other hand, if she's not schizophrenic, if she's just a sad, angry, and lost little girl who was brought up in an environment of intense acrimony, then home detention isn't the right answer, either.

This story doesn't have a happy ending. I only wish the best for the girl and her family and that she gets the help she needs.

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Photo via 04deveni/Flickr

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