Dentist's Crazy Candy Plot Will Ruin Halloween

candyYou're a mean one, Mr. Grinch Dentist! Dastardly Ohio dentist Craig Callen is making trick-or-treaters an offer they most certainly can (and probably will) refuse: $1 for every pound of Halloween candy they turn in, with a 5-pound limit.

"Kids can have the fun of trick-or-treating, and now their piggy banks will benefit as well," the deluded dentist said.

Is this guy wacky on the laughing gas or what??


First of all, he obviously completely misses the point of Halloween. How many kids even get a quarter of the way through their Halloween stash? My kids eat a bunch on Halloween night, then they stick their Milky Way and Jolly Rancher-filled pumpkins in the closet and promptly forget about them. (Which is convenient, because then I get to chip away at their contents through Thanksgiving.)

Halloween is all getting tons and tons of candy and then hoarding it away like a diabetic squirrel. You can't blame tooth decay in general on one freaking day of the year.

Plus, I get that this dentist probably hasn't gone shopping for fun size candy bars recently, but ONE DOLLAR for a pound of candy? He really expects kids to sell him their candy wholesale??

Now that's what I call a cheerful combo: Cheap and a total buzzkill!

Do you think any kids will actually go for this dentist's cash-for-candy offer?

Image via Jeff Turner/Flickr

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