Tell Your Daughters to Put Some Clothes on This Halloween

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HalloweenToday in proof that parents need to get over themselves and actually parent, word has it that slutty costumes on little girls are out of control. According to one survey by LivingSocial, as many as 42 percent of parents believe that young girls are dressing too sexy for Halloween. Um, parents, I'm going to break this one down for you in three very simple steps.

1. See young daughter walking toward you in the costume store with stripper/showgirl/Snooki costume. 

2. Start shaking your head.

3. Open your mouth and say no.

Now, was that really all that hard? My daughter does something similar just about every time I tell her to take the mountain of books that used to be her bedroom floor and place them on the shelves of the IKEA bookshelf. First the head shakes violently. Followed by a rather high-pitched refusal. There are even days when I, the parent, consider backing down because she's so good at it (for the record, considering it doesn't mean I actually DO). 

If 42 percent of parents (a statistic that comes from 4,000 parents with kids under 15) really lack the ability to do something my 6-year-old mastered before we even bid bye bye to diapers, some pre-pubescent tushie hanging out of a Halloween costume is the least of our problems. We need to send nearly half of America's parents back to toddlerhood to learn how to assert themselves!

The shelves are full of inappropriate costumes for our little girls. They're sleazy. They're skanky. They send our girls bad messages. They make us all uncomfortable. And considering there's a nor'easter expected to drop snow on a whole big chunk of the country this weekend, they're not very practical either! But just because they show up on the shelves of the store doesn't mean we have to buy them! 

As my father would tell me when I came running out in something that wasn't appropriate, "Go put some clothes on Ethel!" Fell free to borrow it for your daughter.

Do you think little girls are dressing too sexy on Halloween?

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mommix4 mommix4

Yes I do. I have four kids 2 are girls ages 12 and 6. No way would I let them wear that garbage. I have rules when it comes to clothing: 1- must cover stomach even with arms raised 2- bottom of shorts/skirts must fall mid thigh 2- no chest showing 3- if I can see your ribs its to tight

Tracey Plummer

My six year old is going as Hermione from Harry Potter this year. Shirt with collar, tie, and long cloak. I'm definitely okay with that one!!! Lucky for me, she's totally not interested in being "sexy", so I haven't had to veto anything yet, but no way is my sweet little girl dressing sexy for any reason. I have no problem telling her no (although I have trouble getting her to clean her room, too).   :)

kebrowni kebrowni

Yes, as well as most girls in high school and college. I guess I skipped over the phase where I was supposed to wear barely enough spandex to cover my ass just so I could call it a Halloween costume.

jands... jandshyne

I was fully appalled by the costume choices in the TODDLER section of our K-Mart.  When I hit the 6x section I suggested she just be a ghost this year.  She of course chose the Barbie Fairy Princess costume which I can live with, but my adolescent son is going to his first boy/girl party on Saturday and it's a costume party and knowing what these girls wear at school...  I am really dreading it.  He's not going as "The Situation" either, for the record.

MMbales MMbales

You know I remember being a kid and we ran around in halter tops all the time. They really were not sexy at all, just something comfortable on really hot days. I don't know if it the cut of clothes that is making them sexy, the short shorts they were now with the shirts, or just an overdose of hormones from our food that make our children look less child like and more womanly. 

I cringe sometimes when I see some child dressed in a sexy way. 

Alicia Lili Mauer

Define "sexy" because I've seen girls running around in leotards as ballerinas and Wonder Woman and spandex as the girl from the Incredibles (or whatever that Pixar movie is), but nothing sexy. I guess it shows leg and their figure, but it's in-character, not inappropriate. Can't say I've ever seen a 12 year old stripper or 8 year old Naughty Nurse. In fact, almost everything short I've seen on little girls, including superheros, has had leggings underneath. But I'll keep a look out when I'm dodging the parade on my way to the bar Monday night and if I see a middle school-er wearing my corset, I'll be sure to give her my coat. 

fraoch fraoch

I went to my 9 year olds parade today (I cried, it's my last one) and was astonished by the amount of skimpy/sexy outfits girls wore. I'm talking stuff I wouldn't wear and I'm 37!! Hooker boots on an 8/9 year old girl is just nasty all around.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I'm pretty sure I saw a third grader dressed as a zombie hooker at the school party this evening. It's the only explanation for the fish nets, daisy dukes, and lace tank top with zombie make up get up she was 'dressed' in. Wicked gross.

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