Cure 'The Muppets' Anxiety With These Awesome Kids' Remakes

The MuppetsLet me say this about the upcoming release of The Muppets: I hope I won't regret taking my kid to the theater on opening night. I'm as much a sucker for nostalgia as any '80s child. The Muppet Movie was, and will always be, a film by which I judge all future iterations of Jim Henson-inspired works. And I'm not alone: The Muppets anxiety is officially a "thing" -- at least according to TIME.

So how to deal? We will be doing a re-watch of the original before I let my kid anywhere near the
theater (duh), but I can't help being ... nervous. Spooked by the horror that is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (even Johnny Depp couldn't save that freak show), I have decided the only way to get myself through until opening day is to cuddle on the couch with the kid and make our way through all the movie remakes that are worth sharing with her:


101 Dalmatians -- What happens when you take one adorable animated film and add Glenn Close? A modern but fun retelling of an old story that serves as a second must-have rather than a replacement. These two films really stand on their own, which is the way I like my remakes. And who can ever say no to puppies!?

Winnie the Pooh -- When The Stir sent me to Los Angeles on a Disney-sponsored trip earlier this year, I had a bit of a rumbly in my tumbly knowing I'd be seeing an updated and revamped version of my favorite cuddly old bear. I'm known in my family for being a bit of a Pooh-ophile (yes, I made that word up, but it fits), and it had to meet my high standards. Not only did it fill my heart to bursting, but a copy of the new Blu-ray version (it just hit shelves) sent my way by Disney bounced the tale into my kid's heart. Mission accomplished.

The Parent Trap -- Aww, remember when Lindsay Lohan was a sweetie pie with a smattering of freckles? She played twins separated by a parental divorce almost as well as Hayley Mills did way back in the '60s.

Freaky Friday -- While we're talking a clean and sober LiLo, it's hard not to mention her switching bodies with Jamie Lee Curtis for a '90s version of Jodie Foster's '70s flick. Together the actresses somehow make the vision of parenting a teenage daughter seem like something we really can live through.

A Little Princess -- Shirley Temple was darling in the original. But dare I say she's a little dated? Blasphemous, I know, but the 1995 version makes the story of Sara Crewe that I adored from Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic book more relatable to today's kids.

What's on your list of movie remakes that didn't destroy the original? Are you hoping The Muppets will soon be on it?


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