Kids Should Be Allowed to Skip School to Have Some Fun

boy with backpackRemember when you were a kid (some of us may need to remember longer than others) and the idea of a day off of school was on par with Christmas morning, walking on the moon, or a day off of work (paid)? It was a big deal.

These days taking kids out of school for anything short of an extended hospital visit (outpatients can still make it by the second bell) gets a lot of grumbling and stink-eye from the district, the school, and those that would never do such a thing. It's frowned upon.

But it isn't some noble call to education that drives most of the naysayers, rather, it is the sad fact that schools make money by putting butts in seats. If a child is absent, then so too their allotted fundage. Schools, as we all know, need allotted fundage. And lots of it.


Which may make me sound like a jerk when I say that I don't let that stop me. I have no problem taking my kids out of school for a day of fun with the family or some other such treat. I'm a firm believer in real life experience trumping a day of new math anytime. Actually, I'm a firm believer in anything trumping a day of new math -- what was wrong with old math? Did it break?

But I digress.

Sure, I don't like the idea of a school losing money because my children are absent, but I also don't like the idea of my kids (or me) missing something special because it happens to fall on a Tuesday. Frankly, those memories are worth more than a butt in a seat.

If you're on the fence, consider an educational absence, or whatever terminology your state uses. Basically, if your child is missing X amount of days (again, depends on the state) and they are doing something you can spin as educational (my friend is doing this with a trip to Epcot), then the absences can be excused at no financial loss to the school. That's a win-win, people.

What do you think? Do you let your kids miss school for fun reasons?


Image via Whit Honea

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