Teacher Who Choked Student at Recess Is a Scary Reality for Parents


Mildred Russ
Mildred Russ
Teachers are so important in our children's lives. We send our precious babies off into their care each day trusting that they will teach and nurture them. Most of them do so with love and devotion, but sometimes they don't, and that's terrifying. A recent incident in which a teacher choked a 6-year old student at recess is enough to make all parents question the people in charge of our children at school.

According to WAFB, Mildred Russ, a veteran teacher in Baker, Louisiana, totally lost any sense of right or wrong when trying to discipline little Kiya Rogers during recess. Witnesses told police the 65-year-old teacher took the girl's own sweater and wrapped it around her neck, and every time she tried to move, she pulled it tighter. Then she dragged her across the playground to the office, right out of her shoes.

And it gets worse.

While the horrifying incident happened on Monday, the mother didn't learn of it from school officials until Wednesday -- two days later. Can you imagine not knowing that something like that happened to your own child? How dare they keep that from her. The girl only suffered a few bruises, but who knows what kind of emotional trauma she endured.

The girl admits she was talking when she wasn't supposed to be, but I don't care what she did. No teacher, no adult, should ever treat a child in that manner. There are always other ways, better ways, and for someone in such a trusted position to act in such a manner is reprehensible.

The teacher has been charged with cruelty to a juvenile and is currently out on paid administrative leave. As far as I'm concerned, she should never teach again, as I can't think of any explanation or excuse that could possibly make what she did okay.

Have you ever known a teacher to treat a child in a cruel manner?

Image via East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office

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No excuses- totally ridiculous.

I bet this teacher didn't think rules applied to her since she's older and this sounds like something that might have gone on when she was a teacher starting out.

Joccjos Joccjos

This teacher, needs to retire, I think she's losing her mind to lay hands on a child.

Doomy234 Doomy234

That is so awful. I have never known something that terrible happening in school. The worst I ever saw was a teacher pull a kid out of his chair by his ear and haul him to the office. And once a teacher pinched my friend really hard, im not even sure why, but it was hard enough to leave a red mark for a day or two.

Stephanie Martin Burr

OMG!!!  Not only would I have her JOB, I'd see to it that she was treated the same way my daughter was.  What 6 year old knows how to be quiet when they are excited about something?  *smh*  Its stories like these that make me want to homeschool my five year old.

bad  tsk tsk

nonmember avatar kristy

OMG!!! That's awful....this is one of the MANY reasons I am homeschooling my girls...

Jenn West Wormer

Totally unacceptable.  What are we teaching these kids?

nonmember avatar Little Frogs

She's a horrible woman, strip her license and prosecute her... but don't lay this on all teachers. Sheesh.

navygf07 navygf07


Denise Celentano Donovan

I'm sorry but NO ONE ... I don't care who you are NO ONE touches my kids no matter what they have done. I'm the mother and I do the discipling .. I would have beat that old nasty teacher every which way till Saturday for choking my child. I see teachers put up with a lot of stuff but never have I ever seen a teacher CHOKE a child... my blood is boiling right now. 

Joyce Stafford

Wow, that shouldn't have happened, and I'm sure she should probably retire (be fired). But I really want to know what that little kid was really doing, come on people don't just snap like that because the child is being a perfect little angle. I'm a mother and I would want to kill someone for even thinking about doing this to my son, however I'm also a realist and let’s face it there have been days when I could have gladly strangled my child- I didn't, but I can see how she could snap. I also remember what school was like. I can still recall several different times when the kids where so horrible to teachers that they sent them (the teachers) running from class rooms crying, I can remember how rude and disrespectful kids can be, how violent and unpredictable kids can be, especially when you get a group or crowd of them together. So yeah I'd be pissed if I heard something like this had happened to my kid- but I'd want to know what the hell HE did to deserve it, too.

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