Tattooed Barbie Is Nothing to Freak Out About


tokidoki barbieCall me crazy, but I love the new tattooed Barbie that supposedly has good, upstanding moms everywhere freaking out. Just look at her -- she's awesome! First of all, she's a limited edition collaboration from Mattel and the Italian brand Tokidoki (yes, the same company that sells cosmetics in adorable punk/animé packaging at Sephora) targeted at collectors, not 6-year-olds. So all those wholesome parents can stop worrying about having to shield their innocent children's eyes when walking through the doll aisle at the toy store. 

Secondly, let's get real for a minute: Barbie has always dressed like a $5 hooker. It's not like this new model represents some drastic departure from her usual style of sweater sets and linen slacks. So now she has tattoos. 

I'm sorry, but when did tattoos become a symbol of immorality?

And when did we start taking toys so damn seriously?

Here's the thing: I've never even been a huge Barbie fan. I mean, I liked playing with Barbie when I was a kid, but as a mom, I was thrilled when my daughter's Barbie phase lasted all of six months.

But this wasn't necessarily because I think the doll is an evil influence determined to set feminism back several decades; my main gripe at the time was that Barbie and her ever-expanding collection of accessories were impossible to keep organized and her tiny choking-hazard shoes were always ending up in my son's mouth, who was crawling at the time.

Yes, Barbies are almost always blonde and blue-eyed. Yes, Barbie has enormous boobs and a teeny-weeny waist, proportions no human being could ever pull off.

Barbie is also 11.5 inches tall and made of plastic.

I kind of doubt there are that many parents who truly are "outraged" over Tattooed Barbie -- don't most of us have rather bigger fish to fry when it comes to raising our kids? But I do have a suggestion for any moms who are genuinely offended by the doll:

Don't buy it. There, problem solved!

Would you buy the new tattooed Barbie for your kid?


Image via Tokidoki

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nonmember avatar Petunia

I was a Barbie lover as a child, and still am now. I haven't bought a doll in years but am wondering where I can find this one to buy it now. I'm not a hooker, nor do I have a tattoo, and I wasn't promiscuous growing up, so not sure why all the blame gets placed on the poor doll's shoulders and not the parents. Anyways, thanks for the article and since I have an 18month old boy, this will DEF be a toy for ME!

Sherrilynn Durham

I am not a Barbie fan either.  I have never been comfortable with the message Barbie sends, with or without pink hair and tattoos, and we tried to restrict Barbie from our house but friends and relatives snuck her in anyway so we kind of gave up in that regard and our DD does have some.

Having said all that, I am a MOM with pink hair (in the recent past) and tattoos.  No skanky outfit though.   So if I were to throw a fit over this Barbie it would be rather hypocritical huh?  I actually love the shade of pink that her hair is and aim to replicate it for myself in the very near future!

nicol... nicolepierre

I KNOW my 14 y/o will want this! As a tattooed mom who got pierced and dyed her hair blue to celebrate the birth of my twins (albeit 14 years ago) I so totally want this doll!!!


Lyvkirah Lyvkirah

I want it!!!  Plus, didn't they say this is a "Collectors Item" as in grown ups who collect Barbies?  And furthermore, I've seen plenty of Barbies with chopped off hair, sharpie marks, and half dressed or even naked.  So Mattel just pretty much commercialized something our kiddos do on a daily basis.  (just trying to be funny...sorry if I offend anyone)  

simple smile

popta... poptart0325

Trust me, I have seen worse looking Barbies than this one.  I would buy this for my daughter.  I have nothing against tattoos.  My husband has quite a few tattoos and I will be getting my first one soon.  There are far worse things they could put on Barbie or include as an accessory than a freaking tattoo.  People need to chill out, it's not 1952 anymore.

Green... GreenKnitMama

When is society going to stop looking at tattoos as glorification of pure, unadultered evil?  For crying out loud....its a plastic fucking doll.  Maybe those outraged mothers need to pull the sticks out of their asses.

Evies... Eviesmommy

I think she's adorable! She's also not dressed like a tramp, and she's not plastered in makeup, like those terible Bratz dolls. I would let my daughter play with this Barbie over a Bratz doll any day. People are too uptight over stupid things. This is just like the Ben and Jerry's Shweddy Balls ice cream. Don't like it? No one's holding a gun to your head and forcing you to buy it!

Kittt... Kittty_Katt

i plan to get it 4 myself to collect tokidoki is a great company and other than that i wouldent bother. and why the mess bout her tattoos? i thought parents were over that ..some parents are tattooed like this barbie lol i love it!

tsmcc... tsmcconnell

Eww! no way! Cute doll but not for my kids.

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