Tattooed Barbie Is Nothing to Freak Out About


tokidoki barbieCall me crazy, but I love the new tattooed Barbie that supposedly has good, upstanding moms everywhere freaking out. Just look at her -- she's awesome! First of all, she's a limited edition collaboration from Mattel and the Italian brand Tokidoki (yes, the same company that sells cosmetics in adorable punk/animé packaging at Sephora) targeted at collectors, not 6-year-olds. So all those wholesome parents can stop worrying about having to shield their innocent children's eyes when walking through the doll aisle at the toy store. 

Secondly, let's get real for a minute: Barbie has always dressed like a $5 hooker. It's not like this new model represents some drastic departure from her usual style of sweater sets and linen slacks. So now she has tattoos. 

I'm sorry, but when did tattoos become a symbol of immorality?

And when did we start taking toys so damn seriously?

Here's the thing: I've never even been a huge Barbie fan. I mean, I liked playing with Barbie when I was a kid, but as a mom, I was thrilled when my daughter's Barbie phase lasted all of six months.

But this wasn't necessarily because I think the doll is an evil influence determined to set feminism back several decades; my main gripe at the time was that Barbie and her ever-expanding collection of accessories were impossible to keep organized and her tiny choking-hazard shoes were always ending up in my son's mouth, who was crawling at the time.

Yes, Barbies are almost always blonde and blue-eyed. Yes, Barbie has enormous boobs and a teeny-weeny waist, proportions no human being could ever pull off.

Barbie is also 11.5 inches tall and made of plastic.

I kind of doubt there are that many parents who truly are "outraged" over Tattooed Barbie -- don't most of us have rather bigger fish to fry when it comes to raising our kids? But I do have a suggestion for any moms who are genuinely offended by the doll:

Don't buy it. There, problem solved!

Would you buy the new tattooed Barbie for your kid?


Image via Tokidoki

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nonmember avatar hi

Barbie is awful no matter what way you look at it. I really dont mind.dolls for.little.girls bit what Barbie comunicates to a young girls mind is icky. I also thing these dolls were a gateway to Bratz. Personally tattoos don't frighten me. I like the diversity bit her skankish outfit is pretty icky. So many women think its Just fine as candy to.let their little.girls wear makeup with these garbage dolls. All I Can do is be different wig my children.


I kind of want her for myself!  :)

nonmember avatar hi

Typing from my phone...forgive spelling errors

justk... justkeeplaughin

Ha...I love the new barbie pink hair, tatoos, and all! Can't wait to find one. What a way to teach kids that just because we don't look the same doesn't mean that there is not a nice, super smart female under that pink hair! It sure beats buying a fairy or a mermaid! LOL

Doomy234 Doomy234

I understand the upset for moms who own impressionable children wanting this Barbie. You know, the kids that have to have that same shade of pink sweater that Barbie is wearing this season. But I gotta tell ya, Miley Cyrus' line of clothes were marketed to young girls and included black leather leggings and low cut tops. So, there a lot worse things out there than a little Barbie doll.

I would buy this for my daughter, but really more for myself. Barbie's outfit is super cute. And there is nothing wrong with tattoos once you become the legal age to purchase one. I have a few and it doesnt affect my ability to be a good mother.

Kristen Brust Moniz

I would definitely buy it, for myself or my daughter, but she's only 20 months atm - so it's all mine! ;)

cocob... cocobeannns

I want it for myself too! I think she's hot! I've seen Barbie in alot worse, such as the nurse, the school teacher, etc. Half of those outfits are barely there. What makes them any better for little girls? Because I'm sure we all know, real nurses do not dress like that!

MadMe... MadMerlotMama

A few things: I've got two tattoos. This last one was a lovely Catholic prayer about truth and justice on my back. My Mama used to say, "How will you look at 90 in the nursing home?" Uh, like everyone else? Everyone I know has a tattoo. And honestly, as long as they mean something to you, and not something you got while drunk at Cabo, I'm all for 'em.


Secondly, I'm  not a big Barbie fan. The latest "fashionista" Barbie has a light up bustier. Uh. Kay. She's ALWAYS dressed like a ho. Short skirts, hooker heels, you get the idea. Yay, let's be like Barbie!


This Barbie? Yeah, do not see the issue here. If you don't like it, so don't buy it. Pretty easy. This is one Barbie I'd buy BECAUSE she doesn't look like a hooker who takes coupons.

Huter... Hutersmom

I'm a collector and she is totaly on my list this year after the holiday and couture angel barbies!!! I thinks she's beatiful!!!! And to be honest these doll are in the collectors catalog they are never ment to be played with or given to anyone who isn't an adult collector. (On my bb forgive my spelling)

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