Crazy Parent Texts Will Crack You Up & Make You Cry


textingYou may think you're all cool texting away on your mobile device to your kids -- feeling like a hip, happening mom. It's helping you keep tabs on them, keep in touch with them, and likely causing them to laugh hysterically at you because you're texting such crazy stuff.

No matter how cool you think you may be, your texts to your kids are likely not. In fact, so many parents text so many crazy things to their children that an entire website was born -- Crazy Things Parents Text. There children can submit texts that will make people laugh, and perhaps make you cry in recollection of some of your own awkward texts. The site has become so popular, there's now an app for it (natch) and even a recently published book that compiles the most popular texts. Here are five of them:

1. Me: So my friends decided that I'm going to be called Jwoww from now on.

Mom: Oh, I don't know her. I only know Snootchie and the Scenario.

2. From Dad: Let's do some math! Harry Potter > Voldemort. Voldemort > Cedric Diggory. Cedric Diggory = Edward Cullen. Therefore, Harry Potter > Edward Cullen

3. Me: You owe me $350 for the ipad.

Dad: Ok. You owe me hundreds of thousands for your entire life.

4. Mom: R u home yet? Need U 2 GTD

Me: Mom, what the hell does GTD mean?


Me: oh okay. You know, you can't just go around making your own acronyms.

5. Me: Jokes on you I keep submitting ur texts to "crazy things parents text"

Dad: I write your phone number on bathroom walls


At ages 8 and 2, my children haven't started texting yet, but I know the day is coming -- likely sooner than I think. At that point, I'm sure they'll be laughing at me from behind their screens too, but at least I'll know where they're laughing from.

What's the funniest thing you've ever texted or your parents have texted to you?

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allie... alliesmom112

Mom- what does idk mean?

Me- I don't know

Mom- oh you used it so I thought you knew.

Leslie Moore

I'm constantly on and there's a tab for parents texting...forgot what it's called but it is toooo funny.

Momma... Momma2blessed

The iPad one and the last one are hysterical!

Cryst... CrystalWater

Me: hey mom

Mom: you're adopted.

Me: that's not funny


Me: dad, feed Spunky

Dad: he died


Me: where's my stuff?

Mom: didn't we tell you, you moved out!

Me: where am I going?

Mom: I don't know, but you phone has 3 days until I don't pay your bill again.

Me: why? What did I do?

Mom: you're 32, figure it out.


Me: I'm going to kill myself!

(Mom never replied)

ceciliam ceciliam

Those were cute but I don't text.

LyTe684 LyTe684

LMAO @ the last text. lol

Krist... KristinRox

LOL those are hilarious!!!

Gary Valery

These r 2 funny I want 2 c more lol!!!

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