Candy Skipping Halloween Grinches Must Be Stopped

I care about my children's health as much as any other person, but when it comes to Halloween, it's a high fructose corn syrup kind of night. I think we can manage once a year. But for those (Grinch-y) parents looking for an alternative, you may want to steer clear of pencils. The writing implement ranked as the number one Halloween "treat" kids dislike receiving according to a survey from Cozi.

Honestly, I think keeping kids from eating treats on Halloween really is a grinch-like thing to do. By all means keep candy away the rest of the year. But to withhold all the fun of trick-or treating is really to miss the point.

Oh I know parents who do the "switch witch" (kids get their candy that night and then leave out the rest at night to be exchanged for a toy), and parents who have their kids donate half. These are both happy mediums. But those parents who let their kids have none? They are seriously mean.


I know all the arguments and I know how bad childhood obesity is. I am a marathon runner who eats mostly all organic and balanced and treats my body like a temple 90 percent of the time. But the other 10 percent is junk food time.

What is childhood without the joy of a frozen Milky Way or a peanut butter cup or a blow pop? Give me five extra pounds, but don't take away my Snickers bar, please. In all seriousness, active, healthy children can indulge in sweets one day a year and not balloon up like Fat Albert. I watch what I eat, but I also eat a whole lot of junk and have managed to always have a healthy BMI and low heart rate and blood pressure. So why can't my kids?

It's all about moderation and respect for one's body. Eating a candy sometimes is FUN. Why do we have to take all the fun out of life just to be healthy? Sorry, but pretending carrots are candy or getting really fun bouncy balls is just not the same as stuffing my face with M&M's and calling it a night.

Party pooper parents, you are no fun. You just may get tricked if you don't pony up a treat.

Do you like houses that give out pencils?


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