Meanie Administrators Force Parents to Make Their Own Kids' Lunch

school lunchA whole bunch of parents are flipping their wigs because their kids' Tampa-area elementary school has just banned takeout food deliveries at lunchtime. Gasp! Can you imagine? What EVER is a parent going to do now? Like, OMG, actually have to make their kids' lunch? With their own two hands? Now I understand why some people call it "Flori-Duh."


This particular school's administrators really screwed themselves a few years back when they started allowing restaurant deliveries as a PTA fundraiser. So now that they're putting their foot down, parents are whining that the school's lunch offerings are lacking, and this is just unfair. I can almost imagine some stomped feet and bottom lips stuck waaaaay out too.

I say, yeah, welcome to the club. I won't let my kid anywhere near the cafeteria line. And did you catch the Chicago public school teacher who officially outed herself on the Today show this week as the Fed Up With Lunch blogger? The news that school lunch sucks is officially not news.

Neither is this: you don't have to buy school lunch.

I might actually feel bad if these were Moms and Dads on the low-income scale who were bellyaching about all the tater tots because they have a tough time making ends meet and they depend on the free and reduced lunch programs to keep their kids' bellies full. But these are parents who have enough discretionary income to pay for restaurant deliveries.

And people, I get it. There are nights when -- after finally getting the child to go to sleep -- I want nothing more than to collapse on the couch with a glass of wine and watch something particularly inappropriate on the TV. Instead, there I am: filling a stainless steel water bottle, making a turkey sandwich and cutting the bread into triangles as requested, pulling out a yogurt ... I gave birth to her, now I'm stuck feeding her something healthy every day until I can send her off to college.

And you know what all this whining is, people? A whole big pile of first world problems.

I say good for the school for realizing that letting kids get takeout deliveries for lunch is absolutely ridiculous. They're helping the kids grow up to realize you don't always get your cake ... and definitely not on a silver platter from the chi chi place down the street. Now if only their parents will grow up.

Do you think it's NECESSARY to have food delivery at an elementary school?

Image via DC Central Kitchen/Flickr

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