Bratty Little Brother Bombs Big Sister's Dance for Huge Laughs (VIDEO)

Video Bombing brotherIf you are a girl with a younger brother, chances are that headline made you nod your head and say something along the lines of, "Uh huh, he WOULD do that, wouldn't he?" There's a solidarity among big sisters of bratty little boys, a kinship that lasts over the years. We all have stories of that time he gave Barbie a swirlie or used your first bra as a slingshot.

Bratty little brothers are, by definition, difficult and troublesome. But as this video-bombing little man is about to show, sometimes they are there to save you from something you are doing drastically wrong. Roll the videotape!


See folks, there is just nothing advisable about this "dance and mumble lyrics to some random popular song" trend that has taken the pre-teen set by storm. It is a pain in the tuchus for those of us who jump on YouTube to find a quality clip of Akon singing "Smack That" to play while we wait for the microwave to ding or the dryer to finish. And someone needs to dissuade them!

So why not a bratty little brother?

His dance was the best part of the whole video, wasn't it?

I will give it to this chick. According to her YouTube explanation, she was actually waiting around for her mom to video her practicing a drill team dance when she got silly and did a little moving to Akon. Not to mention her account is blessedly devoid of these brainless vids. So we'll excuse her. Perhaps she can lend her little bro to some girls who could really use an intervention?

Does your daughter have a bratty little brother? Does he help keep her grounded?


Image via YouTube

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