'Twilight' & 'True Blood' Just Got Kid-Friendly (VIDEO)

Phineas & Ferb VampireRaise a glass of True Blood and kiss your Robert Pattinson posters, vampire loving parents, it's time to celebrate! For the first time ... ever, we fans of the fang can finally share the love with the kids without worrying that we're corrupting them. Come Friday night, Twilight will meet Teen Wolf plus Sookie and even Bill in a Disney-fied world.

And I can just about guarantee this will be the epic meeting of the mom and elementary schooler minds that we all crave. How can I be so sure?


Because it's a Phineas & Ferb episode slated for Friday night, part of Disney Channel's Monstober. And if that sounds like an advertisement for the channel, I apologize. I live with a 6-year-old. This is my life.

And yes, I may be obsessed with my daughter adores the show about two creative stepbrothers who spend every day of a 104-day summer vacation (which lasts all year in TV world) building some wild and wacky invention while big sister Candace tries to "bust" them for doing it in the backyard. I, on the other hand, have a True Blood thang going on, for which I have to ban her from the living room, and keep my remote on hand lest she wake up in the middle of the night and wander down the stairs for a glass of water. Sometimes I'm a little wigged out just knowing she's upstairs while I'm watching it. It's that naughty.

But she knows Mom's got a vampire thing going on. And she's not the only one. Word has it the kids on the playground play "Vampire Sisters." They're all in first grade, and I know their parents -- none of them are the type who would let their kids watch True Blood OR Twilight. But now the creators behind Phineas & Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension, aka the one DVD made just for kids that I may or may not watch when there is absolutely no kid around (may, may, yes, I may!), have decided to let the kids in on something else we watch when they aren't around.

The supernatural. All of our faves!

In an episode dubbed "The Curse of Candace," Teen Wolf star Michael J. Fox (how's that for a blast from the past) is lending his voice along with Stephen Moyer (True Blood's Bill) and Anna Paquin (sexy Sookie) in a storyline ripped straight from Twilight. Paquin even plays a girl named Kristen (come on, as in KStew?) who has a wolf and vampire vying for her attention. Check out the leaked clip:

Have your kids been swept into the vampire craze? Will you watch this episode with them on Friday night?


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