Special Movie Dates for Kids with Autism


movie theaterIt's not uncommon for moms of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder to feel limitations about the places they can and can't go with their special needs child. For a lot of these mothers, going to the movies with their kid is simply not in the question. Children with sensory issues can be overwhelmed by the lights, crowds and loud noises, and so some mothers of children with Autism don't even try. heidi1439 posted an encouraging news story in her journal recently about the growing trend to make special movie screenings for kids with autism and sensory disorders. Cities across the county are finding that moms and kids love these "judgement free" movie days. Check it out.


From the news story: The most well-known are hosted by AMC Entertainment in partnership with the Autism Society of America, based in Bethesda, Md. Since August, AMC and the autism society have held monthly "sensory friendly films," as they call them, in a dozen states, society spokeswoman Carin Yavorcik said.

CafeMom is rich with moms groups discussing issues affecting this community. If this includes your family, Parenting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder is a great place to start sharing ideas, stories and information.

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