5 Tips on Setting Up Your Homework Zone

place for kids to do homeworkChances are your kids have been coming home with backpacks filled with work sheets, take-home tests, reading assignments, and science experiments. Rather than taking over the dining room table or, worse, locking them away in their bedrooms, why not create a nice spot for the little scholars? A place where they can really hunker down and get serious about their daily tasks.

Even as adults we need a place to concentrate, and the more comfortable, warm, and inviting it is, the easier it is to stay put. So do it for your kid, and she'll want to head to her spot as soon as she walks in the door. Here are 5 tips on setting up the perfect homework zone for your kid.


1. Let Him Choose

As long as the area is conducive to studying, let your child pick out where he's going to be spending those hours every day after school. Or at the least, choose two locations and let him vote. If he feels like he's a part of the process, it feels like it's his idea to study.

homework spot2. It's All About the Chair

You want your child to be comfortable, but not all stretched out on a bean bag. Somewhere in between will get your kid seated and keep him there for the duration of his multiplication tables. This flat on the ground "gamer" chair allows your kid to be comfortable and spread out around him if sitting at a desk is too confining. Also, he may think he'll get a turn at some console games once he finishes his homework.

3. Good Lighting for Good Reading

Of course you need optimal lighting when you're burning the midnight oil. But don't get an oil lamp, seriously, just don't. Instead grab a cool lamp to boost the light source in the room, and again, let her head to the store with you to choose her favorite style.

homework spot4. Warm It Up

Even a small space could use a great rug to warm things up. Sheepskin feels nice and cozy for all kinds of feet. These gray and white versions are especially lovely and kid-room sized.

5. Don't Forget the White Noise

Total silence can be unnerving. And while some kids claim to study better with music on, it's always better to just white noise the space. Which means, no parents or siblings watching television or practicing piano nearby. You can pick up a white noise machine at Amazon for not much change.

How do you make your kids comfortable when they study?


Image via tinkerbrad/Flickr

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