My Kid's Homework Is Challenging ... for ME!

Now, I love me some school. As a classic over-achiever, I was always thrilled by the shiny back-to-school stuff displayed in aisle after ever-loving aisle in the store somewhere starting in July (now it's like May or something). It gets my teeth chompy for some brand-new notebooks, unused pens, and unsharpened pencils. Hell, I'd be thrilled to take tests had I not already graduated.

There's nothing more awesome than school.

Except, of course, the homework.


I was always downright giddy that first beloved day of school, my freshly-cleaned backpack stuffed full of supplies, my wee heart thrilled by the idea of getting to fill my empty day planner with brand! new! assignments!

Okay, you guys can stop laughing at my nerdliness now.

*taps foot*

I'm waiting.

*checks watch*

Okay, done?  


It should be painfully evident now that school was my BFF. Homework, I even loved. Brand-new blank pages to be painstakingly filled in and graded with (hopefully) an A++ because, well, I'd spend hours making certain every answer was correct. Or, at least, as correct as I could make it.

So when my eldest began to receive homework assignments, I was blissfully happy. It was reclaiming a part of my youth that I'd so treasured. Kind of like Easy-Bake Ovens.

Imagine my surprise when fifth grade rolled around. Suddenly, between the two instruments he plays for 20 minutes each, the mandatory 30-minute per night reading assignments, plus assorted homework sheets sounded like ... a lot. Even for me, the nerdliest of geeks, I was fairly surprised by the time commitment that homework now involves. And I'm fully aware that it's about to get worse.

I'm fortunate that my son doesn't much mind the homework (read: most days) and happily chirps out his violin followed by his trumpet before tucking into a book, but I'm nervous because soon, my second child will begin school. Shortly followed by my daughter.

By the time all three of them are in school, I'm going to have to hire someone else just to help me help them with their homework.

Or, perhaps, just drink more vodka. Me, I mean, not them. Because everyone knows you can't do homework drunk.

How do you balance helping your kid with homework along with everything else?

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