Home Alone: When is the Right Age?

houseHow old were you when you were first left at home alone? 10? 12? I was 11 and in the 6th grade. I  remember my latch-key years as a time of discovery --you know, grilled cheese sandwiches with entirely too much butter, and my first (and last) horrible attempt at smoking a cigarette. Deciding when your child is ready for the responsibility of being alone at home is different for every household. Maturity is obviously the key factor to judge. But, no matter when you think it's the right time, be aware that every state has their own laws. Here's something smart one mom had to say about the right age for kids staying home alone...


"I would say, bare minimum follow the law in your area and then judge your own child(ren). If you feel (s)he is ready, then do some practice runs. Do smaller increments than you are actually going to be leaving the child alone for. Start with a half hour while you run and get gas or something. Then an hour while you grocery shop. I wouldn't leave town or go somewhere you wouldn't be reachable by telephone, for a while, but if you start small to adjust and gauge the child in question, you can get an idea of what is appropriate for your situation, " says Mom1Stepmom1.

What do you think is the right age? Has your child been home alone yet?

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