Velcro Sneakers Keep Mornings Stress-Free

velcro verses lacesAll hail Velcro tennis shoes! If you really want to get out the door with a minimum of fuss, and stop being the target of the playground monitors' dirty "you're late ... again" looks, ditch the shoelaces and get with the Velcro. The shoe fastener that works wonders, every kid should have a pair, and you can leave the lessons about the bunny going in the hole and around the tree until your kids are, say, 16 or so.

Before you think I'm just trying to coddle my kids and not challenge them with something we all had to do when we were young, remember, this is for you. For the lady or man who packs up the lunches, makes breakfast, and has to get that crusty-eyed gang out the door in the morning. How about stunting your child's shoe-tying education in exchange for a few more early morning minutes?


The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of fantastic tennis shoe options out there that have both a lace and a Velcro closure. So your child won't be missing out on his fave Converse due to a little thing like laces. Additionally, think about all the muck those laces get dragged through on a daily basis in a kid's life. Do you really want muddy, gummy, peed on, germ-ridden shoelaces in your home? Especially when you can just rip open the top of the shoe and hear that satisfying sound?

How great is that? And how much have things changed?

I was just a kid when Velcro started popping up on shoes everywhere, but I still remember it being a random fastening item one day and everywhere the next. So I, like my forefathers before me, struggled with learning to tie my shoes. Yes, I walked uphill to school, dragging my too long laces behind me through the snow. But I don't think my own kids have to do the same, just to prove they've got thick skins and totally do NOT have a helicopter mom who will follow them to college and make their beds.

Do your kids rock the Velcro?


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