13 Moms Confess Embarrassing Back to School Mishaps

back to school boys backpacksBack to school time is really stressful -- not for the kids, for us moms, yo. We have a lot of people to please during that first week back. From buying the perfect first day outfit and the "cool" kind of backpack to packing the right lunch and sending all the necessary school supplies to class. How long was your classroom supply list? Mine was longer than my grocery list, and why does no one in this town stock black dry erase markers, dang it?

Besides, if anything goes wrong, it all comes back on mom. Uncool outfit -- mom's fault. Wrong size backpack -- mom's fault. Healthy, no-fun lunch -- mom's fault. I'm pretty sure the teachers even secretly lay the blame on mom. Wrong sized pencil box -- mom's fault. Ill-behaved kid -- mom's fault. I'm telling you, the pressure is on!

Well, moms, consider this right here a support group for all your Back to School failures. We've got your back because we've been there, done that, and we'll listen and hold our judgment.


Lots of moms already confessed their new school year mishaps under the #BackToSchoolFail hashtag on Twitter. Here are some of the best confessions we received from mom readers. Oh how we can relate!

Melissa Garrison

melissagarrison Melissa Garrison
Freshman in HS-daughter & friend debating what to wear 1st day. I said "The best thing to wear is a smile"-even I gagged #backtoschoolfail



giabean giabean
Got stuck on Martha's Vineyard because of Hurricane Irene. My daughter missed the first day of school. #backtoschoolfail


victoria taggart

pebblephoenix victoria taggart
Just realised my son was wearing two odd shoes to school all day one new one one old one #BackToSchoolFail


Jeniece Avalos

jenieceyb Jeniece Avalos
Homework due tomorrow but too much life got in the way =LATE!! #BackToSchoolFail



CCarretero Cristina
Forgot to pick up my kid from school on 1st day bc I was thinking she was still at camp. Was just 15 mins late. #BackToSchoolFail


Tammy Soong

worldsworstmoms Tammy Soong
OCD-like at pick-up. Always making sure 2 move 4 others. Except, apprntly, when the new principal is rite there. #BackToSchoolFail


Ty Salihu

tysalihu Ty Salihu
forgot it was a school morning, finally arrived@9am #BackToSchoolFail


Sabra Sabra

SabraSabraChick Sabra Sabra
Got a call from the teacher on the 2nd day. I didn't send left handed scissors for my left handed first grader. #BackToSchoolFail


Scary Mommy

ScaryMommy Scary Mommy
Got stuck in a flood and was 20 minutes late picking up the kids. The year is off to a fantastic start! #BackToSchoolFail



JeanneSager jeannesager
Sandwich bread. Check. Sandwich meat. Check. Sandwich cheese. Um, uh oh? #BacktoSchoolFail


Cynthia Dermody

whimsydancer Cynthia Dermody
Erroneously sent the 12 pack colored pencils instead of 24 pack pencils, which apparently is punishable by death. #BackToSchoolFail


Niomi Daley

Lil_Havoc Niomi Daley
Why didn't I make jalen try on his school uniform before tonite? #backtoschoolfail


The Stir

The_Stir The Stir
Brand new shoes really call attention to not-new socks, don't they? #BackToSchoolFail


Got a Back to School Fail of your own to confess? Share it in the comments below. We're listening. To play along on Twitter, tweet your confession and tag it with #BackToSchoolFail.

What embarrassing Back to School Fail do you need to confess?


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