Help Walgreens Fight the Flu

The following is a guest post from our sponsor, Walgreens.


Test your flu IQ with these FAQs from our friends at Walgreens!

Q. I heard this year's flu strain is expected to be the same as last year's. Do I really need a flu shot?

A. Yes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regardless of the expected strain, you should get vaccinated each and every year.**

Q. Should children, seniors, and healthy adults get vaccinated, too?

A. Yes. The CDC recommends annual flu shots for everyone 6 months and older.


Q. What's the benefit of getting a flu shot early?

A. The earlier you get a flu shot, the sooner you're protected. ***

Q. Is it possible to get vaccinated too early in the season?

A. No, a flu shot will protect you all season long, even through peak flu periods like February and March.

Flu shots are available daily at your neighborhood Walgreens. There's no appointment necessary, but if it's easier for you, feel free to schedule one here.

Walgreens is also donating one flu shot voucher each time a customer uses their mobile phone to “check in” at Walgreens via Facebook or Foursquare. Please encourage your members to “check in” at their neighborhood Walgreens so we can reach the goal of donating 200,000 flu shot vouchers to those in need. Walgreens will donate one flu shot voucher per “check in,” per customer, per day through 10/8/11, so encourage members to check in often.  

How does your family protect themselves during flu season?



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