The Best Reason to Invest in a Cute Raincoat

As adults, we usually call rainy days "bad days." After all, they're gray, wet, depressing, and murky. We want to stay in and wish for the sun. But to our kids, they're sometimes the very best days. Because those are the days they get to wear their raincoats.

Sure, if it's pouring rain, going outside doesn't seem like much fun. But on the days where it's just a little drizzle and the clouds are dancing in the sky, then by all means, put on those rubber boots and go puddle stomping!

Of course the best way to get kids excited for that is to make sure they love their raincoat. But how do you make sure of that?


For my son last year, it was easy. He is obsessed with fire trucks and fire chiefs and fire hats and fire boots, so we found him a rain slicker that was made to look like a fire jacket, a hat to match, and boots to round the whole thing out. We even got an umbrella to go with the full ensemble. Now he can't wait for it to rain!

My daughter is the same. She loves pink and purple and princesses and kitties, so we found them all. Her umbrella was a little trickier, but we eventually found a few she loves. One has a kitty, one has rainbows, and one is like a clear plastic birdcage. She loves to watch the drops collect while she stays dry inside.

Now on rainy days, we never say they are "bad." We get excited and we button up our favorite rain jackets, put on our tall boots, and go out and jump in puddles.

What gear do your kids have for the rain?


Image via iwona_kellie/Flickr

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