Kindergarten Is So Awesome, I Wish I Were Going

My Little Girl Rocking the School Uniform
Kindergarten: The moment you know your baby is no longer a baby, and is on her way to childhood, followed by the dreaded adolescence, followed by (gulp) adulthood. It's heavy, and when we had a meeting at my daughter's school this week to let the kids starting kindergarten get to know the teachers and vice versa, it was a big moment. Appropriately, the kindergarten teacher made us all cry while reading, Oh, The Places You'll Go! (Apparently one of Dr. Seuss' last acts included writing a book that was designed to make parents everywhere get misty and wonder where time went, anyway. Well done, sir.)

But after I dried my eyes, and we packed up to go home and contemplate this big move in my oldest child's life, I couldn't help but feel a little giddy. In fact, I'm STOKED about my girl starting kindergarten.


I almost feel jealous, because I know what it's like to experience all these things for the first time, before the cynicism that comes with age completely enveloped me. Kindergarten is pretty awesome, what with all the playing, the socializing, and the fun stuff that comes way before testing and college pressures.

Additionally, I was a school geek who was always excited by the first day of school and all the possibilities of the new year. I liked college so much I got two bachelor degrees, and my daughter seems to have a similar love of learning. At least if her constant barrage of questions is any indication. She's about to dive into a fountain of knowledge, head first. Ahhh, refreshing!

Next Tuesday is the first day of her school career, and a part of me wishes it were mine. The next 13 -- 20 years will be filled with exciting revelations, discovery, and mind expansion. Oh, indeed, the places she'll go. I can't wait to be beside her on this journey, and watch her grow. And at the risk of sounding like one of those mothers, I'm kind of envious of her little friends who will get to hang out with her and share these major milestones.

Which is why I get the crying of parents on the first day of school. It's the first time you really have to let go, and you don't get to share the same experiences anymore. These kindergartners are on their own adventure, and it's designed to take them further away from you. It's beautiful, painful, and oh, so, exciting. Watching from the sidelines is the best we're going to get from now on. So we'd all better make sure our kids can hear us cheering.

Are you excited about your child starting kindergarten?


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