My Daughter's Blankie Makes Me Live in Fear


Everywhere my daughter goes, so goes her "Ishy." Ishy is her lovie and though we have four of them, only one is "home Ishy" and home Ishy is the mack daddy of the Ishies, "King Ishy," if you will. And I live in fear of losing her.

The blanket was a gift from my mother-in-law at my baby shower, a soft blanket with Winnie the Pooh on one corner, a white fleecy middle, and yellow fleece around the rim. "This is the softest blanket I have ever felt," I told my husband, never realizing what a pivotal role the blanket would someday play in our lives.

Here are a few things to know about Ishy: She is a girl. She is my daughter's best friend. She has feelings that get hurt when someone is mean to Samara. She likes to travel and has been to 15 states and slept in a million beds.

She also scares me. Because if we ever lost her, both Samara's and my heart would break. Behold Ishy the day we brought Samara home:

She doesn't look like that anymore. No matter how many times I wash her, she retains her grayish color. Most of the time she smells rather gamey, but the sight of my daughter curled up with Ishy and her thumb in her mouth makes me happier than almost anything else.

At 4.5, my daughter is more attached to Ishy than ever before. She calms her down after a stressful day and soothes her to sleep at night. I have taken to guarding Ishy with my life. We're gone many weekends at our family country house and my biggest fear is that we will leave Ishy behind. Forget the camera, my underwear, contact solution, and the dog food, but do not forget Ishy. Please.

I rarely let her take it out of the house. We have School Ishy and Park Ishy and Travel Ishy, all three of which look the same, but she knows they aren't. Primary Ishy is the most important and if that is lost ... I shudder to think.

I lost my blankie as a child and blame that for 90 percent of my problems (I blame my dad for the other 10 percent), so what is a mom to do? How do you protect your kid's lovie?




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Ashleigh Munson

My daughter's best friend is her Violet doll (that talking purple dog-ish toy from Leapfrog?). She will NOT go anywhere, or to sleep, without Violet. And you can't run that thing through the washer! She smells dirty, but there's not much I can do. Last March, she caught a stomach flu bug, and Violet was irreparably damaged in the onslaught. I did the only thing I could, and went to the store and bought a new Violet. I felt like such a crappy parent, because my daighter KNEW the difference, she KNEW this wasn't her Violet, and she wouldn't go anywhere near it. We endured several days of crying before she finally started to give in and adopt new Violet.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

I was like u.. Guarding the lovie with much care. My daughter was gettigng ready to turn 6 and we were trying to figure out how to "wean" her. Well we went out of town and she left lovie at the motel we were staying at, we had told her if she left it, it was gone. Well poof. She left it and it was gone. We had the hotel send it to us but she has no idea that we have it. She handled it muuuuch better than I could have ever prepared her for. But she did it and now she's a lovie free 6 year old :). It was just time.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

With her first lovie we had to take it away it was soooooo gross. Even after washing it. The 2nd one she had but was attached to it till the lovie fairy took one and left the 2nd one. My youngest is way different with her lovie. We also have a "lovie stays in the house" rule.

CLErocks CLErocks

My daughter has a pinkie. A pink monkey dot blanket that she got for her first Christmas at 3 months old. At 5 years old we left pinkie in the dressing room at Kohl's. My daughter and I both cried. No one ever returned the pinkie. We replaced it with the exact same kind, but my daughter will sometimes out of the blue say, " I wish I still had my old pinkie." I felt and still feel terrible for losing the original.

CLErocks CLErocks

Ok that was supposed to be minky dot, not monkey dot.....darn autocorrect

Melis... Melissa042807

My son has one - ONE - blanky that he likes. No, LOVES. He loves that blanky. No other blanky will do. He will sleep with no other blanky. He will cuddle with no other blanky. One evening when he vomited on Blanky on the way home from Granny and Poppy's house, we had to wash Blanky. It was bedtime. Husband said "Oh, just give him another blanket, he'll be fine, he's so tired." I glared at him over the top of my glasses and said "Famous last words." Sure enough, after thirty minutes of screaming, Husband rescued our son from his crib - where he would have nothing to do with the blanket we'd given him - and deposited him on my lap to snuggle until Blanky was washed and dried. When Blanky was clean, we put him back to bed, and he was sound asleep in like thirty second.

I protect that Blanky fiercly. It's hand-made by a friend, so it's kind of one-of-a-kind. Attached as my son is to it, I'm really doing my best to train him to leave Blanky at home when we go out. Which was going well. Until Husband started mindlessly including Blanky in the pile of things we left the house with. Sigh. And so it starts all over.

Pua Smith

My daughter has two different lovies. She needs absolutely both of them to sleep, but only one goes places with us. That one is a Beanie Baby Sock Monkey named "Unky." The other is one of those night time turtle that has stars and the moon on it's shell and when you turn it on, it shines all that on the ceiling and walls. She has to have them both to sleep, otherwise it's a very long night. Once, the turtles batteries died in the middle of the night and when she woke up and tried to turn him on and he wouldn't, she screamed and screamed, big crocodile tears sliding down her cheeks. Daddy had to go to the store at midnight in search of double "A"s!

Sady Jacobs Manning

My daughter has a softie. He is pink. he too has a personality and talks to my daughter. She is 4 1/2 and I will never take Softie away from her. She loves him too much! She has one at my house and one at my mother's where she stays while I work. She loves the one that goes home more than the other one and he has to be bathed regularly ( like 3 times a week) because he also has a funky smell!

poshkat poshkat

oh lovey my lovey.......we have one too. DS LOVES this thing like no other. it is HIS lovey. he's had it since a few days after he was born (because everything had to be exchanged while he was in the NICU from pink stuff to blue stuff, but that's another story!!!). it used to be really pretty. blue and green silky on top and very soft on the bottom. its grey now.

we found a duplicate once, online for 60 bucks. we opted out of that one. DH saw a lady on a stop on the highway with a kid with the same blanket, he offered her up to 100 bucks for it but she said no, its her kids lovey too so that was a no. lovey made it to Florida and back with us, also to Israel and back. i don't know what we would do without it......

when we were in israel he puked on it in the middle of the night. he was pretty much half asleep (thank goodness) so i handed him a sheet and he held onto that for dear life until his lovey was washed and dried.

Lynette Lynette

lol, I think I have that exact blanket!  Bought it when I was pregnant with one of my sons.  It's in a box somewhere w/ the baby clothes.

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