My Daughter's Blankie Makes Me Live in Fear

Everywhere my daughter goes, so goes her "Ishy." Ishy is her lovie and though we have four of them, only one is "home Ishy" and home Ishy is the mack daddy of the Ishies, "King Ishy," if you will. And I live in fear of losing her.

The blanket was a gift from my mother-in-law at my baby shower, a soft blanket with Winnie the Pooh on one corner, a white fleecy middle, and yellow fleece around the rim. "This is the softest blanket I have ever felt," I told my husband, never realizing what a pivotal role the blanket would someday play in our lives.

Here are a few things to know about Ishy: She is a girl. She is my daughter's best friend. She has feelings that get hurt when someone is mean to Samara. She likes to travel and has been to 15 states and slept in a million beds.

She also scares me. Because if we ever lost her, both Samara's and my heart would break. Behold Ishy the day we brought Samara home:


She doesn't look like that anymore. No matter how many times I wash her, she retains her grayish color. Most of the time she smells rather gamey, but the sight of my daughter curled up with Ishy and her thumb in her mouth makes me happier than almost anything else.

At 4.5, my daughter is more attached to Ishy than ever before. She calms her down after a stressful day and soothes her to sleep at night. I have taken to guarding Ishy with my life. We're gone many weekends at our family country house and my biggest fear is that we will leave Ishy behind. Forget the camera, my underwear, contact solution, and the dog food, but do not forget Ishy. Please.

I rarely let her take it out of the house. We have School Ishy and Park Ishy and Travel Ishy, all three of which look the same, but she knows they aren't. Primary Ishy is the most important and if that is lost ... I shudder to think.

I lost my blankie as a child and blame that for 90 percent of my problems (I blame my dad for the other 10 percent), so what is a mom to do? How do you protect your kid's lovie?


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