7 Reasons Your Kid's Summer Birthday Sucks

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When I was a kid, I remember being hideously disappointed each year as my friends lugged in plate after plate of sugary goodness to share with the class, each of us stopping our work to imbibe that delicious Orange Drink and sing "Happy Birthday" to the lucky kid, before we dove head-first into the cuppity-cakes the kid brought.

I wasn't jealous over the goodies: no. I wasn't even jealous because my classmates weren't warbling to me. I was jealous because I'd been blessed with a birthday that fell squarely into the hot, sweaty asscrack of summer: July.

You know what happens when you have a summer birthday? NOTHING.

Here are the top reasons having a summer birthday sucks for kids.

1. In school, it's never your name on the board, never your cupcakes happily devoured, and never a single song sung in your honor. Because not even the teacher would be caught dead in the non-air-conditioned school in the dead of summer.

2. No one will come to your birthday party because you don't own a swimming pool and they're all off happily swimming, while you're glumly sitting at home, wishing that your mom had let you build that pool you'd always wanted. By yourself. With a shovel and pitchfork.

3. It's a sucky time because everywhere indoors is already booked, but everything outside is miserable because it's 1,200 degrees above the boiling point of lead and humid.

4. Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes. Dangerous, three-foot-long mosquitoes that are probably carrying typhoid and malaria and other such diseases found on Oregon Trail.

5. No one lives next door anymore. They live waaaaaaaay across town, and your mom probably doesn't have their phone number or address to call to invite to your crappy at-home birthday party.

6. Everyone is on vacation to Disneyland, and of course they would LOVE to change plans so they can roller-skate with you for two hours, but they just CAN'T.

7. That totally rad unicorn cake you insisted your mom buy from the non-health food store completely melted in the sun, so it now resembles a pile of warm chocolate mush. Which is approximately what it would've looked like if you'd just let your mom bake the cake anyway.

Does your kid have a summer birthday? How do you deal?

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2tiny... 2tinyhineys

lol  You are awesome!!!  I have a summer bday.  My child's birthday is on a Saturday this year and he was like "No FAIR!!!" 

nonmember avatar Monzie

My kid's school does "half birthday" celebrations for the students with summer bdays, so no one misses their big cupcake opportunity! *My* birthday is a few weeks after Christmas, which is also pretty annoying. When you're little, its not such a big deal because new toys are welcome, regardless of when you get them. But when you're a teenager and just want new clothes for your birthday, you just get a bunch of sweaters...right after you got a bunch of sweaters from Santa Claus. I had a billion sweaters and no summer clothes. Waaaaaah! *insert chorus of tiny violins here*

Kristina Lawler Funk

My husband, daughter and I all have July birthdays. My husband's is on the 4th of July so my in-laws have a big cookout every year. My daughter is only three so she doesn't really care so far. My grade school let the summer kids celebrate their "half-birthday" six months before, so we were able to bring treats to class.

dirti... dirtiekittie

my oldest dd is actually right on the cusp - her bday is this saturday! it never fails, the weekend we want to plan for her bday, people are out for labor day weekend and have other plans. for now, it's not always fun for her, but she still loves that her bday is her special day. and, i tell her that her bday is awesome because she'll have a 3 day weekend either before or after it every year! lol (when she's older i'll take credit for that. haha)

nonmember avatar Chell

I completely get that. But as a mom to a February baby, I can tell you that winter birthdays can suck just as much. I can never have a simple (read: CHEAP!) backyard party with traditional things like pinatas. And I live in a townhouse - do you know how much it costs to pay for a decent indoor birthday spot? The year my daughter turned 4, we spent almost $700 on her party because we invited all of our families AND she was at the age where she wanted her friends too. (We've learned from that year, though - we LET that one get out of control!) Still, my point remains - with a small house and a winter birthday, there's no way to avoid spending more money than you'd like! :)

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Both my girls r summer birthdays.. We will be doing half celebrations cuz this year we didn't get ti invite any school aged friends. Sad faces all around.

Anast... Anastazia975

Dirtiekittie, I totally feel the pain of labor day birthdays!! I still can't plan an adult birthday party because everyone's on a last minute vacation!! Lol, oh well. Happy birthday to your little one from another september 3 big baby! :)

aiden... aidensmomma508

My son has a summer birthday August 23rd. He had a great party this year it was indoors due to rain but he still had a good time.  We had pizza and cakeplayed some games and just had fun overall. He goes to school in the summer so he had cake there too. I guess that's a plus side of having special needs LOL

LoriA... LoriAnn87

nope my son's birthday isn't in summer but what sucks about his birthday is its' 3 weeks before christmas.

aaf237 aaf237

Summer birthday's are a hell of alot better than my dd's 9 days before xmas and my other dd's 4 weeks after xmas.  WTH do you buy them!?!?!?!?!

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