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White House Chef Schools Us on Healthy Lunches (VIDEO)

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MyPlateSchool lunches and snack time stress me out. There. I said it. We are about to go back to school, and at my house, that means five days a week, for my two kids, I need to pack lunches that consist of more than just turkey thrown in between two slices of bread, and snacks other than pretzels. I know I can be more creative than that, and I truly want my kids to eat better than that. Plus, I am really into following the new MyPlate Guidelines, which recently replaced the food pyramid I grew up with (but never paid any attention to) to help make sure my kids learn to eat balanced meals.

So I was really excited when Cristeta Comerford, the White House Executive Chef, offered to show us how, with a little planning and, literally, just a little extra time, lunch can be healthy and delicious, unlike what I grew up on (sorry dad).

You see, Cris has a 10-year-old daughter, and although she may cook for Obama, his family, and heads-of-state from all over the world, she still needs to send her daughter to school with lunch every day.

Here's a peek as she creates a healthy, well-balanced, affordable lunch:

Watching a chef do it, it always looks a little easier, but really it was super simple. And you can easily prep this on Sunday night for two of the five school days, each week!

Chef in a Pocket

Whole wheat pita bread

Any kind of meat and cheese



Combine all ingredients as shown.


Veggie Chips (or Sticks) With Hummus Dip

Carrots, cucumbers, celery, blanched string beans, tomatoes


Slice and package as shown.


Summer Melon Kebabs With Yogurt Dip

Two types of fresh melon (for color variety), cut in cubes, or use a melon baller

Plain yogurt, some honey, a teaspoon of vanilla (mix together)

Package as shown.


Here is the takeaway: Make eating fun for your kids — presentation and variety matter! And so does getting them involved in the process. They will be more likely to eat the food you want them to if they have some say in what you are packing.

Plus, Cris also gave us another super easy lunch idea for those kids that are anti-sandwich!

Any other suggestions for great lunches/snacks that incorporate healthy foods?

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Kaila... KailaCheyenne

Maybe someone should teach our schools this. Because you know what they're serving us? Meatloaf sandwiches. Steamed lima beans (okay, so it's healthy.. But who eats that?!). Unidentifiable pasta. It all makes everyone wanna vomit :/

Brade... BradenIsMySon

LOL...I send healthy bentos for my son daily. He is 15 and loves it. 

MamaK... MamaKalila

KailaCheyenne...  I'm sorry but I had to LOL. I agree with you on the lima bean thing... but my 3 year old daughter absolutely loves the things!!!  I don't get it.  I'm not fighting it... if she wants them, she's more than welcome to them... but... BLECH!

butte... butterflyfreak

I'm so glad I don't have to worry about school lunches just yet. My daughter is in preschool for only a half day. They are provided with a snack, which parents are welcome (even encouraged) to send snacks in for the kids. But I don't have to actually pack a lunch just yet.

Books... BooksnBoys

I have been looking at pictures of bento lunches recently and I was definitely impressed with the nutritional value of them.  LOTS of veggies and fruit!  Now the only question is, would my children be more inclined to eat veggies they don't like if they are cute?  Worth a try!

lovet... lovetocook64

whatever this shit pissis me off,it dosent matter how healthy school lunches are if the kids dont get to eat them,my dd said after she gets through the line then sit down to eat she only had 10 minutes she told me that most of the kids are throwing there lunches away because there wasnt enough time to eat them

allie... alliesmom112

I like to make dd's lunch

KamiB79 KamiB79

Great ideas! My kids love watermelon and cantelope in their lunches!

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