Heidi Klum Lets Her Kids See Her Naked. So What?!


heidi klumAccording to some, parental nudity will break kid's brains. Heidi Klum didn't get the message. She was spotted topless on a beach along. with her also-topless daughter Leni.

I don't see what the big deal is. When I was a kid, I saw my parents naked. Especially my mom (who reads this... sorry Mom!). We also went to pools where we'd be in the locker room and see women walking around totally naked, or men if we had to go into the locker room with my dad. And guess what? I'm not scarred for life. In fact, if anything, I think seeing lots of naked people did me good.

Especially seeing as it's just my sister and I, my mom didn't mind if we saw her naked. Because she found it so normal, we found it normal too. It also helps that as a nurse, she taught us how to compartmentalize the different uses of different things. Nudity in the shower? Totally different than nudity in front of a wind machine with oiled boobs. In fact, saying "oiled boobs" in a paragraph talking about my mom being naked weirds me out a little. But that's kind of my point. INTENTION.

The only thing my sister, as a toddler, got out of seeing a naked guy when my dad had to take her into the men's locker room was the perfect time to loudly announce, "Daddy, his thing is bigger than your thing!" Teehee!

When talking about her nudity in front of her child, Heidi Klum says of herself and husband Seal:

[My kids] see their parents naked all the time. We are not ashamed.

The writer of an article on MomFinds says she doesn't understand how you teach kids to keep private parts private if you don't keep them private, but says she walks around naked in her home. See, you teach children that there is a proper time, place and etiquette to nudity. There are social reasons you CAN be naked HERE but CAN'T be naked THERE. You teach why a swimsuit isn't proper attire for a nice restaurant but is appropriate for the beach. People also wear swimsuits that are more revealing than any clothing they would ever dare to wear -- different situations, different reasons, result in different things.

Kids CAN learn the difference -- that it's fine to run around their yard in nothing but shorts, but when they go to the grocery store, they are required to put on a shirt and shoes. They can learn that their penis can't come out in the grocery store, but is okay in a public bathroom. They can learn that breasts brought out for breastfeeding are different than those brought out for shock or sex. They can also learn that bodies are so private that they become uncomfortable ever using a locker room, a changing room in P.E. class, having an OB exam, or other situations. It's just as important to teach that there are places it's OKAY to be naked as it is to teach that there are places it's not. That said, it's important to always respect when a kiddo does ask for their own privacy as well, and your own comfort level DOES matter too.

And besides, Heidi Klum ain't exactly hard on the eyes.

Do you teach your kids that nudity can be normal in certain places, or is it something you work very hard to avoid?

Image via Doctor Hyde/Flickr

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nonmember avatar blh

Taking a little girl into a mens locker room is all kinds of wrong...

charm... charmelin

I grew up seeing my mom naked all the time and it never bother me. My kids occasionally shower with me and my husband as well. It's really no biggie and I agree about teaching them that there is a proper time and place for nudity.

Amand... Amanda_Jeanne

I also grew up seeing my mom naked... it wasn't a big deal. I never questioned it as weird. My 2 year old son has showered/bathed with my husband and myself (separately of course... it would be pretty squished fitting the 3 of us in the tub and to get any productive hygeine done LOL) so he is used to both of us. He excitedly points out body parts that he knows. I will definitely teach him there is an appropriate time and place for nudity (or in his case of being male, when it is appropriate for men to be shirtless, etc). We all have the same basic anatomy, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Shannon Lea Schutz

My hubby & I both allow our son to see us naked (take showers with us or when we are getting ready). We are trying to raise our son to know that nudity is ok in some situations & to never be embarrassed about it. The human body is beautiful (even with cellulite or rolls, lol).

Joy Higginbotham

I totally agree with the entire article, and have just one thing to add. . .Since when is "topless" the same thing as "Naked"? lol

Shannon Lea Schutz

ps I also grew up seeing my mom naked when showering or getting ready & I'm not scarred. She also breastfed both of my brothers in front of me so I guess thats why I never thought that was wierd ever either & probably why I chose to breastfeed my son (not to mention it's the best)!

Freela Freela

My four year old constantly reminds me that it's okay to be naked at home but that once you leave the house 'it's illegal!'  Obviously she understands the whole time and place concept!

Wendy Bowers

There is nothing wrong with nudity at all :P  My kids are naked ALL. THE. TIME.  At home.  But like you said... when we go to the store, they are fully clothed.  And I have never had an issue with it!  (a lot of people seem to think that since I let them run around naked at home that they never keep clothes on in public.. NOT THE CASE!  I have not once EVER had either of my kids try to take their clothes off in public!) 

Oh and all my girls see both their parents nude too.  It's just natural. It's not sexualized in the least.   

vanes... vanessa5470

We're the same way at our home. DH and I dress and undress in front our 2 yo all the time. He's ALWAYS around us, it's hard to avoid it even if we wanted to, lol. My hubby however is scared of taking a shower with him, lol (falling, slipping, etc). Me on the other hand, it's the only way I can shower when no one else is home to watch him. I grew up taking showers with my own mom and was used to her getting dressed in front of me.

Just gotta teach your kids not to bust out the goods in the middle of crowd, lmao.

Billie Jo Evans

I did not grow up seeing my mom naked, never did. But I did grow up seeing my step mother naked and I have to admit that at first it was taboo to me, but it also taught me about the female body and what to expect from my growing body. I don't see anything wrong with being naked in front of your children as long as you are appropriate and teach them there is a time and place for nudity like the article discussed. I'm naked around my babies all the time. I have 2 1/2 yr old and 7 1/2 month old daughters I'm caring for with a deployed husband.

My toddler is learning about "the bad touch" where it's innappropriate to be touched, so when I'm naked and she tries to touch my vagina (I'm teaching her the real names for bodyparts) or any other private part out of curiosity, I let her know that only mommy can touch her own private body parts just like only she can touch her private body part unless mommy needs to clean it for her when she takes a bath. It's working!

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