Helping Kids With Homework: How Much Is Too Much?

homeworkAn involved parent can be the difference between academic success and a child falling by the wayside. We want our kids to be at the top of their game, and we want their grades to show their hard work and dedication too. But you have to make sure you aren't hovering over your kids as they finish the work meant for students, not their parents.

There are ways you can be there for your kids, without interfering with their education. Here are three ways to enhance an education, and the homework that comes with it.


1. Set Up a Daily Schedule

Whether it's the minute your child gets home from school or the hour right after dinner, your child should have a consistent homework time. It's not recommended that you schedule that hour right before bedtime, so talk to your child and look at your after-school schedule to see what works best for him.

2. Review Homework Assignments

This doesn't mean with an eraser and a pencil. Once your child has completed her homework, take a look to see if she has followed the instructions and completed every part of her assigned work. While there's nothing wrong in discussing the subject of the work, if you see she's way off-base, resist the temptation to provide her with the correct answers. Coming to the results on her own is the best way to learn.

3. Demonstrate the Importance of Learning

If you're still reading, having discussions, and showing interest in the world around you, your child will notice. Don't belittle his education, or he will do the same. Show, by example, how expanding your mind in a variety of subjects is interesting and fun. If this means weekend field trips to the museum or the cheese factory, do it!

How do you get your kids focused on homework?

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