Kids of Working Moms Get the Worst Teachers

working moms bad teachers
Sorry you have to educate yourself, kid
It's one of those glaring inequities at drop-off and pick-up. It's the moms (and yes, some dads) who are always there, that stand in sharp contrast to the moms who miss at least one -- or both -- of those moments. You know, the working moms. Those of us who have to work and aren't available in the afternoon to pick up our child and hustle her over to dance class.

But one mom suggests that working moms aren't only disappointing our kids by our absence at the pick-up line, we also might be responsible for our kid getting the "bad" teacher. Which is great, because I needed something else to make me feel like a bad mom just in time for back-to-school.


Holly over at Women on the Fence talked about an experience where only the pushy moms got their kids the best teacher at the school, and the rest were left to languish in the bad class. As a result, her son's grades fell, he wasn't happy about being at school, and she felt like a failure as a mom for not being the lady riding the administration to get the "best" teacher of the bunch.

This is where I'm filled with relief about the fact that my daughter's kindergarten only has one class, and the teacher sounds like she's aces. However, if I were not so lucky, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be that mom lobbying the elementary school principal for the "best" teacher. First of all, because every kid is different and reacts to every teacher differently. The best teacher for my daughter may be the worst for my son. Also, I'm not sure I like this idea of the loudest parents "getting their way" when it comes to teacher allotment. It's true that a great school is only as good as its worst teacher. But until your child is actually in the classroom, you do not know how he's going to react, and relate, to his teacher. Discipline and drills may be what he needs. Or a more developmental approach may get the best results.

Labeling the teachers as "good" or "bad" and creating a battle of SAHMs and working moms sets up a negative academic atmosphere for everyone involved. Do I wish I could be more involved in my daughter's school? Yes. Do I think she'll get the shaft as a result of my working mom status? No way. Let's leave the competition on the soccer field, shall we, moms?

Do you think working moms' kids get the worst teachers?

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