Boy Calls Cops On Mom for Worst Reason Ever


boy doing choresI'm not sure there's a child alive who likes to do chores, but an 11-year-old German boy voiced his dissent in an extreme manner recently when he got police involved in the matter. After his mom asked him to help clean the house, he called the emergency line and said he was being subjected to "forced labor."

That's one gutsy, and perhaps lazy, kid. According to the BBC, he told the emergency operator, "I have to work all day long. I haven't any free time." An officer asked the boy if he knew what forced labor is. He indicated that yes he did, then he put his mother on the line as instructed.

His mother told them he'd been threatening for awhile, and he finally called after being asked to pick up some paper from the floor. "He plays all day long and when told to tidy up what he's done, he calls it forced labor," she said.

Kids will probably never like chores, but as parents, we know they're important for our children to learn self-confidence, responsibility, and future skills. I'm not good at making mine do them regularly, mostly because it's easier to do the job (right) myself. I know I need to let them do them more often, however, because I don't want it to be such a big deal when they're older that they actually think it's grounds for police involvement like this boy did. I can't help but think if this woman had made him do chores consistently throughout his life, he wouldn't be so strongly opposed to them now ... or at least I hope that works.

No matter what we do, as our kids grow and become more independent, they're going to find more fault with what we do and what we ask them to do. I'm sure there are plenty of other things mine would like to report me for now, such as:

Cruel and unusual punishment in the form of making them listen to country music. I can only take so much Laurie Berkner.

Imprisonment The way my daughter howls when she's in timeout, the neighbors may actually report me for this one.

Theft I totally steal bites of their food when they're not looking. I usually get caught.

Breech of Contract Sometimes I make big promises that can't be kept. Just because I said we'd go to the park after school doesn't mean we can if there's a tsunami bearing down on us. It's still my fault for not letting them do what I said I would though.

Fraud Yes, sometimes I try to skip chapters in books, or speed up a game with a few little tweaks, and I've been known to omit some facts here and there, such as what's really in those potatoes. Sue me.

If only there was a mommy jail for such offenses (a nice plush one of course), I just might encourage them to call. I could use a little break

What would your kids call the police on you for?

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nonmember avatar guest1111

The option to call the police is good. Its the only way I got my parents to stop beating me as a child was telling them I was going to call if they put their hands on me again.So while this situation was silly, kids need to use this resource. It could save a life.

yobab... yobabywazup

We played the supprise game. When I was little I used to tell my mom to leave the house and then I would "have at it" I would clean and organize and dust and make everything nice for my mom. It was just the two of us. She would come home and be very very proud. Impressed and Happy. I would do as much as I could in a short amount of time.  I learned how to keep things nice and neat.

I think that not having my mom hover over me and tell me that I wasnt doing it right was helpful. My daughter LOVES to help me in the kitchen and to do laundry she is very very good at picking up after others and stinks at picking up after herself. But then she is only 4. so I am sure she will improve as time goes on.

nonmember avatar Mary Ann

Mama2MonkeyBoys has it right! Sometimes, kids just need to Do What They're Told because Mom (or Dad) said so. I used that enough myself when my daughter was growing up when she would say for the upteenth time : but why? Because I'm the Mom and I said so. I even went so far when she was older as to tell her if she didn't quit asking, I"d just give her a second chore.

panda... pandafish87

omg, my son is almost 3 (n Dec.) & my nephew just turned 3 abt 2 weeks son is very tidy bc he has been cleaning his own toys up for abt a yr n a half. When his cousin comes over to play he has a fit bc I make him help clean my sons room b4 he goes home. I'm sorry, but if u come here, dump out ALL the toys (it's a ton bc my son is an only child at the moment, has a gigantic room & gets toys sporadically year round since his bday is only 2 weeks b4 Xmas & I feel bad he gets them all @ 1 time), throw said toys all over the room & enjoy food, drinks & snacks I don't think u should complain abt having to pick up after urself. My sis n law has him clean his toys @ her house, but he just throws them from the livingroom n2 his room. He complains abt that too. I guess this would b abuse lol

Dion Rich

It did happen to me!! My 16 yr old daughter & I were having a horrible arguement after she got home a few hours late from school & she refused to tell me where she'd been. She tried to push past me and  I grabbed her arm saying you're not leaving this room until I get an answer!! She was a buff basketball player, already taller than me. She lightly shoved me away & I went flying onto my butt! Then she called the police to report me for beating her. An officer came & talked seperatly to each of us then said to her after she insisted she be taken to Juv. hall because she was so miserable at home, "Young lady, I bet there's a fridge inside full of food, that you have a nice bedroom and are on the phone all the time with friends. Your mom is obviously not whacked out on drugs or drunk, so you need to count your blessings that you even have a mom who cares where you have been!" Turns out he had a teen daughter who was a terror, so he had tons of empathy for me! LOL

nonmember avatar Theresa

My son, as a pre-teen, was constantly threatening to call the cops on me for one silly reason or another. I finally handed him the phone and said, "Here, if they come, they'll be taking you and putting you in a foster home - then you can find out the hard way just how good you had it here." Needless to say, he didn't call, and I never got that particular threat again :)

Barba... BarbadianBeauty

Omy! My 4 YO would most definately call for forced labor, having to pick up her arts & crafts supplies. The way she reacts to me telling her to pick up her crayons, you would think i asked her to build me a full scale model of Big Ben. XD But she picks them up after a lengthy huff and puff session, lol.

nonmember avatar Lisa Large

Is anyone bothered by the picture of the little kid pushing the gas powered lawn mower that is shown with this story? Bad picture choice because children under the age of 16 should NOT be using a lawn mower under any circumstances. I have been involved with 2 separate accidents involving lawn mowers and adults that ended badly. Children should do age appropriate chores, machinery is for adults. Bad picture choice, considering the content of the article.

Vanessa Pereira-Hagen

@Mama2MonkeyBoys LMAO!!!  Same deal here mama! MIL's are just dandy sometimes ;)

Cori Whitney

@ sunnysland, you should read the story of the baby who died because he was left alone.

LOL, Fraud: I skip sentences or summarize stories sometimes.

Theft: I steal bites, but to be fair she does too haha.

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