Boy Calls Cops On Mom for Worst Reason Ever


boy doing choresI'm not sure there's a child alive who likes to do chores, but an 11-year-old German boy voiced his dissent in an extreme manner recently when he got police involved in the matter. After his mom asked him to help clean the house, he called the emergency line and said he was being subjected to "forced labor."

That's one gutsy, and perhaps lazy, kid. According to the BBC, he told the emergency operator, "I have to work all day long. I haven't any free time." An officer asked the boy if he knew what forced labor is. He indicated that yes he did, then he put his mother on the line as instructed.

His mother told them he'd been threatening for awhile, and he finally called after being asked to pick up some paper from the floor. "He plays all day long and when told to tidy up what he's done, he calls it forced labor," she said.

Kids will probably never like chores, but as parents, we know they're important for our children to learn self-confidence, responsibility, and future skills. I'm not good at making mine do them regularly, mostly because it's easier to do the job (right) myself. I know I need to let them do them more often, however, because I don't want it to be such a big deal when they're older that they actually think it's grounds for police involvement like this boy did. I can't help but think if this woman had made him do chores consistently throughout his life, he wouldn't be so strongly opposed to them now ... or at least I hope that works.

No matter what we do, as our kids grow and become more independent, they're going to find more fault with what we do and what we ask them to do. I'm sure there are plenty of other things mine would like to report me for now, such as:

Cruel and unusual punishment in the form of making them listen to country music. I can only take so much Laurie Berkner.

Imprisonment The way my daughter howls when she's in timeout, the neighbors may actually report me for this one.

Theft I totally steal bites of their food when they're not looking. I usually get caught.

Breech of Contract Sometimes I make big promises that can't be kept. Just because I said we'd go to the park after school doesn't mean we can if there's a tsunami bearing down on us. It's still my fault for not letting them do what I said I would though.

Fraud Yes, sometimes I try to skip chapters in books, or speed up a game with a few little tweaks, and I've been known to omit some facts here and there, such as what's really in those potatoes. Sue me.

If only there was a mommy jail for such offenses (a nice plush one of course), I just might encourage them to call. I could use a little break

What would your kids call the police on you for?

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Momma... MommaSiete

starving him of snacks 24-7

dixie... dixiegurl223626

I couldnt imagine my son calling the cops on me for anything

aj23 aj23

My son would probably like to call the cops on me for all of those.

JHanc968 JHanc968

Being mean! LOL

daerc... daerca574

My son would call the police on me. . . my daughter probably wouldn't.  he is a bit spolied and he lets me have it when he doesn't get his way.

chiquis chiquis

I hope nothing!! lol

chiquis chiquis

Wait .. for not letting him shower with me. Which he says "hurts his feelings" lmao

snugg... snugglesdw

My kids like sweeping, mopping, doing dishes by hand, but ask them to pick up their toys, their room, or unload the dish washer and it is a hassel, but one that I keep fighting because they need to learn how to do these thinkg for themselves. My son who is 8 just started mowing the lawn with his dad standing by his side. He has been bugging us to let him mow the grass for about a year and I did not want to let him because I thought that he was to little, but he has proven me wrong, but I am glad that his dad walks with him while he is doing it.


Angel Gable

We run a small farm, and my kids work. They do not like it, but they do. I could totally see my son doing this if he thought we wouldn't flip out. All three of my kids have chores both inside and outside. They have options to do them right the first time, or do them again and again until they do. They also get free time after their chores are done. My kids and my In-laws think I am a mean mom. But, my kids are well mannered, semi responsable, respectful, and good in school. I am always complaining that they give kids too many rights these days. This is why we have all the problems we have. Such as; shootings in schools, disrespectful children....etc. I also blame parents too. These people who do not know where or what their kids are doing and spend no time with them.

Hopefully this boy will be a well rounded adult one day who will look back on this and see what his mother was trying to teach him.

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