Boy Calls Cops On Mom for Worst Reason Ever


boy doing choresI'm not sure there's a child alive who likes to do chores, but an 11-year-old German boy voiced his dissent in an extreme manner recently when he got police involved in the matter. After his mom asked him to help clean the house, he called the emergency line and said he was being subjected to "forced labor."

That's one gutsy, and perhaps lazy, kid. According to the BBC, he told the emergency operator, "I have to work all day long. I haven't any free time." An officer asked the boy if he knew what forced labor is. He indicated that yes he did, then he put his mother on the line as instructed.

His mother told them he'd been threatening for awhile, and he finally called after being asked to pick up some paper from the floor. "He plays all day long and when told to tidy up what he's done, he calls it forced labor," she said.

Kids will probably never like chores, but as parents, we know they're important for our children to learn self-confidence, responsibility, and future skills. I'm not good at making mine do them regularly, mostly because it's easier to do the job (right) myself. I know I need to let them do them more often, however, because I don't want it to be such a big deal when they're older that they actually think it's grounds for police involvement like this boy did. I can't help but think if this woman had made him do chores consistently throughout his life, he wouldn't be so strongly opposed to them now ... or at least I hope that works.

No matter what we do, as our kids grow and become more independent, they're going to find more fault with what we do and what we ask them to do. I'm sure there are plenty of other things mine would like to report me for now, such as:

Cruel and unusual punishment in the form of making them listen to country music. I can only take so much Laurie Berkner.

Imprisonment The way my daughter howls when she's in timeout, the neighbors may actually report me for this one.

Theft I totally steal bites of their food when they're not looking. I usually get caught.

Breech of Contract Sometimes I make big promises that can't be kept. Just because I said we'd go to the park after school doesn't mean we can if there's a tsunami bearing down on us. It's still my fault for not letting them do what I said I would though.

Fraud Yes, sometimes I try to skip chapters in books, or speed up a game with a few little tweaks, and I've been known to omit some facts here and there, such as what's really in those potatoes. Sue me.

If only there was a mommy jail for such offenses (a nice plush one of course), I just might encourage them to call. I could use a little break

What would your kids call the police on you for?

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queen... queentate2002

mothers always right .because i live in the south and the men  are so sorry because that played all day and didn't do there work around the house and this is what happen to them later .and it can be hard on there wife in the longrun we must not ever stop teaching our Childern to pick up behind themselves...thank you Queen of the blackbelt.. 

nonmember avatar Jenna

My niece and nephews think I am the meanest mom ever b/c I make my children play outside in the sun (instead of playing video games), fold towels and pull weeds. Not to mention all the vegetables they have to eat! I am horrible!

chixi... chixie421

My friends kids drink sodas and eat junk. When they came to my house to hang out, they saw there were sodas in the fridge and on went and got one.. without asking. So I kindly took the open drink away and handed them a glass of juice instead, the response: "HEY, Im thirsty." I said " Well, I am the mean mommy who doesnt allow children to drink soda." You can have water if you dont like the juice. :) He drank the juice.  My kids RARELY even get sprite. LOL.


Kids are lazy sometimes and need to be reminded that you helpo make the mess and eat the food, then you will help clean and garden for said food. HILARIOUS.


Sunny... Sunnysland

My sister has problems with the neighbor kids who come to her house at, say, 4:30, and ask for my nieces to play.  She has to send them away because they are required to do *gasp* homework before they play.  Additionally, her and the nieghbors are ridiculed because the kids play outside.  And they play outside without supervision.  Oh dear Lord, what has the world come to when you can't let your kids play in the driveway and on the sidewalk?! 


This lady did nothing wrong.  Its what all moms do at some point or another.  She just did it a little more publicly.  I remember coming home from school to my grandmas house.  She was at the store.  About 10 min later she got home and I asked where my baby cousin was?  She said "Oh, he's in the bedroom taking a nap".  Like she had done it a million times!  Lighten up people!  My Grandma raised 8 kids! 

PoeDu... PoeDunkMae

Making them pick up their toys throughout the day, and telling them no they can't go outside at this exact moment in time, and telling them that book time is over and it's now bedtime, sending them to bed, time outs, telling them they cannot get the crayons out yet.  Yep I'm such a mean mommy. 

allie... alliesmom112

Allie hates having to clean her room and make bed. And I said before I was sure our neighbors would report me with the dd screamsw when she is sent to her room

mleil... mleilanim

I hope for a ride to the adoption center because that's exactly where they'd be goin if they ever pulled that stunt!

Peajewel Peajewel

I can't imagine that my kids would call the police on me for anything.

Leele... Leelee1008

telling them no 50 thousand times a day. My youngest got into a fight with his brother and called the cops, then hung up, they called back and my grandmother explained to them it was he and his brother fighting, we had to re tell them the importance of ONLY IN EMERGENCYS

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

Actually making them do what I tell them to do. I can't even count the number of times I've had this scenario happen. I tell them to do something, they  complain, and then my mother in law (or my mother) will try to rescue them and give them another option. So then I have to say, "No, I told you to do ____". MIL (or mom) will be like "Why can't they just ____?"  Because I TOLD THEM TO DO ____. They need to do what I tell them to do, regardless of whether or not they want to, simply because I'M TELLING THEM TO DO IT. Sorry if that makes me the worst mom ever, but at some point they have to obey me simply because I AM their mother. They won't learn to do that if you keep giving them an alternative to what I ask of them. It's really not going to kill them to pick up their toys or sit down when they eat, I promise.

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