Movies Moms Should See Before School Starts

best movies for momsChances are if you have kids in school, it's been a long time since you've been crammed in the desk yourself. Some refresher courses are in order, but you don't have time to spend a year or two in the school system. Luckily, there are a lot of filmmakers who are also concerned about the state of schools in America, and what our kids are doing today. There are some fantastic movies out there, that entertain while informing, and you need to head to your DVD store, log on to Netflix, or whatever it is you do to get your movies on before the first day of school.

Here are five great movies about education, every mom should see before your kid goes back to school.


1. Race to Nowhere

A primer on what the heck is going on today not only in schools, but in your child's head. The competition, the testing, the system -- it's all covered in the Race to Nowhere doc. And it's all relevant to your child, right now.

2. Waiting for Superman

Ever wondered what charter schools were about? Or how a great one can make such a difference? Waiting for Superman is a heart breaking documentary that follows children around the United States who were dealt a bad hand in the public school game, but still have hope to get into an exceptional charter. Even if you have mixed feelings about the methods of charter schools in America, you will be rooting for these kids who just need the break.

3. Spellbound

Before you push your kid to win the National Spelling Bee, check out this intense, yet adorable, documentary about kids who are fighting for the top spot. Also, you'll learn how to spell a few things along the way. Bonus!

4. The Lottery

In case Waiting for Superman didn't break your heart enough, The Lottery focuses on kids and parents crossing their fingers to get into the Harlem charter school that gives their kids a much better shot at their dreams than a failing local public. Depressing? Yes. But informative, and reinforcing the importance of making sure every child gets a strong education.

5. Stand and Deliver

And now let's all feel good about school! The classic movie starring Edward James Olmos as the teacher that turns gang members into scholars is going to make you stoked to send your kids off on the first day. Rent it, and weep, while cheering. The best of both worlds!

What moves are on your list for back-to-school inspiration?


Image via Race to Nowhere


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