Little Girl Lingerie Is All Sorts of Wrong (PHOTOS)


What is it with the world today? It seems like every time I turn around, someone (or something) is trying to force my little girl to be a much bigger girl far before she is ready. But this latest trend toward little girl lingerie, modeled by little girls in spreads that look like child porn, is really so far across the line, it's comical.

Who on Earth thought this was OK?

The photos are ads for a new line of “loungerie” (that’s lingerie plus loungewear) for girls as young as 3 months. The line is called Jours Après Lunes, and claims to be the first designer brand of underwear/lingerie for children and teenagers.

But does this seem like something you would want your daughter to be photographed wearing? See below:


How about this:

Or this:

I almost felt weird putting these photos up here, to be honest. Sure, the French might call me a prude, but you know what? So what? Little girls shouldn't be styled up like grown-ups, showing this much skin. It's not good for their sense of self worth and it's not good for a culture to fetishize youth in such a way.

The pieces themselves are fine. Off the girls, they are simply nice pieces of age-appropriate lingerie. And some tweens probably do need training bras and such, so fine. But why the styling? Were the big hair and makeup needed, too?

Children are children for 10 minutes, it seems. So why do we want to rush them through it? Sure, it's adorable when our kids dress up and they look adorable and all is age-appropriate. But these are not. Period.

It's hard to even tell these girls are girls at all. Had I seen them in another context, I may have assumed they were adults. And that is where it crosses the line. These aren't innocent kids playing dress-up. These are highly styled girls being posed provocatively to appeal to adults.

There's a huge difference.

Do you think these are wrong?


Images via Jours Après Lunes

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Gypsy... Gypsyqueen4life

The actual items are very cute, but I am with you... the make up, the hair, the styling makes it very inappropriate & kinda creepy!

Stasi... Stasiaandkksmom

that is so wrong. Why cant people let kids be kids. Instead of forcing them to be little grown ups at such a young age.

Sarah Keys


AngiDas AngiDas

Wrong on so many levels.

hamem... hamemedowns

This has nothing to do with being French. Americans are leading the way in terms of sexualizing children. -Frenchie

Lynette Lynette


zandh... zandhmom2

I agree with hamemedowns, it's not just the French who oversexualize our children, Americans do it too.  Liberal are so quick to want our youth to accept homosexuality that some states ( California) want to start teaching about sex and relationship starting as young as kindergarden.  I understand that it is important to have children learn about tolerance and acceptance but really that young? 

sofia... sofia0587

This is disgusting! When will people let kids be kids! Its more disgusting that a mother would allow their child to pose for these too!

jonellg jonellg

if anyone you see this as sexy YOU are the one with the problem.

buffa... buffalove23

Yes zandhmom2 is so horrible that we would want to teach our kindergarteners acceptance! ::gasp::

As far as the outfits, I wouldn't buy it but I'm sure there are parents that will.

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