Best Apps for Little Scholars

top apps for kidsChances are your kids know more about apps than you do. Which is why you need to get out there and find out what the heck they're doing! There are some great apps for your smartphone, iPad, and wherever else apps are popping up that can help your kid get a leg up on her education.

So hand over the electronics, and let your kids play these 7 apps that will teach them as they commandeer your gear.


Stack the States - $0.99

Here's a fun way for kids to learn the states, their shapes, and important factoids. Answer questions and you get to stack the states, a la Tetris. 

best apps for kidsToca Doctor - $0.99

If you want your kid to get excited about a zillion years of medical school, download the Toca Doctor and set your kid up to think it's super fun to heal the sick.

best apps for kidsMad Libs - Free

You might be playing this as often as your child, as Mad Libs goes app. The educational bonus of Mad Libs is, of course, your kids will learn the difference between an adjective and a pronoun.

best apps for kidsAniMatch - $0.99

Work your kiddo's memory with this matching game app that is addictive! Just try it and see.

best apps for kidsMath Drills Lite - Free

Early math learners will love the straightforward graphics and basic learning skills on repeat. It's called drills for a reason, and this is how your kids are going to master their time tables.

best apps for kidsThe Velveteen Rabbit - Free

The classic story for your iPad offers a beautiful experience, even if you're holding technology between your hands instead of paper. Get your kids excited to read by putting great stories right in front of them.

best apps for kidsGo Car Go - $0.99

Don't make your kids wait until auto body class to learn how to put together a car. The satisfaction is, of course, you build it and it will go.

And just in case your household is app-free, but you have a laptop hanging around, check out for lots of reading, math, science, and geography games for your grade schoolers.

What's your favorite app for your kids?

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