Parents Who Cyberbully Teachers Should Be Punished

computerWe know cyberbullying can be a huge problem among youth -- it's an easy, cowardly way to take out one's aggression and really take a toll on a victim's self esteem and happiness. What I, for one, didn't know is that there's a large population of parents who are cyberbullies themselves, and they're targeting teachers.

According to recent research from Plymouth University, one-third of teachers have been a victim of cyberbullying or know a teacher who has been. One-quarter of those cases have involved abuse by a parent. That's outrageous.


According to The Telegraph, some educators have been left suicidal or needing psychological treatment after campaigns against them have been launched on Facebook and Twitter. While these numbers come from the UK, it's likely not limited to that country. Professor Andrew Phippen told the paper:

It seems to be a subset of the population, the teacher is no longer viewed as someone who should be supported in developing their child's education, but a person whom it is acceptable to abuse if they dislike what is happening in the classroom.

I have no tolerance for parents who blame everyone for their children's problems but the child and themselves. I fall so strongly in favor of deference to authority, and that my children need to work things out on their own, even when things might not be fair. I just can't understand those who race into school to try and fight every battle and settle every skirmish. Even less can I understand someone taking out their frustration in such a gutless way as cyberbullying. Not to mention, the horrible example these parents are setting for their children.

Teachers aren't infallible, but they are typically underpaid, overworked, and trying to do the best they can. To attack them and bully them is just going to push more of them out of a profession that is so vital to our children. Sure, there's freedom of speech, but there should also be some level of maturity and respect between parents and teachers, and when that line is crossed, something should be done.

Have you known parents who have cyberbullied a teacher?

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