School Night Rules to Help Your Child Get Sleep

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kids sleepWe all enjoy bending the rules in the summer so the kids can stay up late, and sleep even later. But now school is almost back in session, and it's time to get everyone back on track and ready to rise and shine in time for first period. Rather than waiting for the first school night of the year, try implementing these school night rules ahead of time. Then that's one less thing you have to worry about the night before.

As the days get shorter, put these rules into place to get your kids back on schedule, and less likely to fight the alarm in the morning.

1. Family Dinner Rule

A kid with a full stomach is going to sleep much better than one with a growling belly. Make dinner a family affair every night so you can make sure he's getting enough good and good-for-him foods to last all night and into the morning. Avoid eating on the run and provide a stable place for everyone to come together.

2. TV Time Rule

If TV is popular in your house (after homework, naturally), set up a TV timer for during the week. Decide on a firm amount of time per kid, and stick to it. Thanks to the miracle of the DVR, your kid can't cry, "It's a special episode!" in order to make a half hour stretch into two.

3. Storytime Rule

A great story can help a kid be eager to get into bed and ready to chill. Talk with your kid and pick out a great chapter book that you can start now, and both enjoy throughout the first term. Bonus -- this will get your kid excited about reading herself.

How do you get your kids back into the sleep routine?

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acrog... acrogodess

Their dad doesn't have a very high reading level, but before bed we set a timer for them to read. Dinner as a family, they get to eat with dad as I don't get home from work til long after they're in bed. We cook early so they can eat dinner after homework, then they get TV time and yeah, we DVR so that they don't have to stay up past their 830pm bedtime (9pm Friday and Saturday).

allie... alliesmom112

We have a family dinner rule and reading time all year around. And a regular bedtime always by 8p

heath... heathermichelle

We have regular bedtime rule and a family dinner rule. I limit tv time through the week during the school year

Madel... Madelaine

Regular bedtimes are important

elasmimi elasmimi

We are struggling with this one.

Kaina... Kainalu55

i'm bad at this

Kaina... Kainalu55

i'm bad at this

Kaina... Kainalu55

i need to start getting my daughter to sleep earlier

Chari... Charizma77

great tips! We got on a good routine last year, hoping we can do the same this year!

Saman... Samanthamommy

We always keep the same bedtime routine.

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