The Stupid Things Schools Do to Keep Kids Safe

school lockerWe all want to keep our kids safe, but there comes a point at which safety efforts are so extreme, they're actually more dangerous than just letting our kids take risks. While the individual lengths parents will go to are insane enough, when it comes to schools going safety crazy, it's time for us to stop the madness. put together a list of "The 6 Dumbest Things Schools Are Doing in the Name of Safety." Some of them are absolutely shocking.


For example, in Houston last year, schools started tracking students with electronic devices. Better than losing them I suppose, but is it really that hard to keep an eye on them? Plus, since the badges are easily removable, they're pretty much laughable, especially considering they come with a $150,000 price tag. 

Another example they point to comes from our friends over in England where a school actually banned the taking of pictures of any students by anyone -- teachers, students, parents -- while at school, EVER. They said it was to prevent ''on-line exploitation'' and ''the possibility of cyber bullying," which is noble, but absurd. And what the hell kind of dull-ass yearbook are they going to have?

Perhaps the most extreme example in the list is a Virginia school that banned all touching of any kind between students. No hugging, no pats on the back, no high-fives. How sad.

These are all extreme examples, of course, but really they highlight just how scared and reactionary we have become as a society. I admit, any time I read a headline about some awful tragedy, all I want to do is protect my children from anything of the like, especially when they're away from me, in the care of educators. The problem is that every day the headlines are full of frightening things, and we simply can't protect them from them all.

Trying to do so -- as well intentioned as it may be -- is really doing more harm than good as one day they will have to leave our protective nest, and may actually -- gasp! -- have to shake hands with someone. While the saying goes "safety first," I'd argue that common sense needs to bump it for position.

Have you seen your children's schools do anything crazy in the name of safety?

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