5 Ways for Your Kids to Play Smart

kids to play smartHomework, as we all know, is a big drag. Basically, anytime you tell a kid to sit down and put pencil to the paper, you're going to meet resistance. Which is why it's a great idea to get kids excited about learning without them even realizing they're working hard. You, too, can make your home a fun-filled, game-loving place while still teaching your kids the reading, writing, arithmetic, and more.

If you don't have these five games in your family game night arsenal, it's time to update your catalog so your kids can learn all day and night, while having the best time ever.


Totally Gross: The Game of Science

Equating disgusting fun with science is a genius move by the makers of Totally Gross: The Game of Science. What kid won't be excited about scientific discovery when you have to describe, in detail, the last time you threw up? Learning about snot, cannibal bullfrogs, and toe jam is kid gold. The Totally Gross board game ($19.99) offers all of that and more.

learning gamesLips Karaoke

A perfect evening with friends or family often includes karaoke, right? Did you know that music expands your cognitive abilities? Yes, singing along to "ABC" is going to be obvious fun for the kids, and they won't even know they're getting smarter. Lips for Xbox ($54.99) has a huge catalog that is kid- and adult-friendly.

learning gamesLife on Earth Memory Game

Who doesn't love a good matching game? I see parents and kids constantly throwing down with the memory, and this Life on Earth Memory Game from eeBoo ($13.49) is perfect for family game night -- and growing those little brains. Watch the smarts happen as you turn over snails, bears, and chameleons.

learning gamesBrown Bear - Panda Bear What Do You See? Game

Rhyming and reminding are the important skills in Brown Bear - Panda Bear What Do You See? ($13.99). Take the amazing Eric Carle books, and make it interactive in your living room. Your kids will be picking up on language and letters in no time.

learning gamesMagna Tiles

Like LEGOS, but magnetic and a little bit weirder, a set of magna tiles ($51.48) will help create a future engineer. Also like LEGOs, parents are going to want to play with these alongside the little scholars.

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