School Supplies That Won't Break the Back (Or Bank!)

We all remember being weighed down by ridiculously heavy school supplies. Those trapper keepers that almost broke our back by October, those thick pads of paper and pencil boxes. We have still not forgotten about those metal lunch boxes and heavy plastic thermoses that strained our little backs for life.

Luckily, our children need not suffer the same fate. There are so many lightweight school supplies now for kids that will neither break the bank nor the backs of little ones.

Here are a few:


Soft lunch box: This kind of lunch box comes in a variety of adorable colors. It's soft and washable, perfect for little hands to open, easy to close, and as lightweight as foam. It's quite possibly the greatest lunch box ever!

Water bag thermos: The sip and go is a great thermos-like item that can be stuffed in a backpack and filled with water for drinking on the go, but once it's emptied, it weighs almost nothing. Perfect for thirsty little ones who need a water bottle, but not the bulk.

Lightweight binder: Rather than a bulky trapper keeper with a hard binding full of things kids won't use, why not get a light presentation binder for much less money? Fill it yourself with a lightweight pencil holder, lightweight folders, and a few sheets of paper at a time.

Well-sized backpack: If you don't want to get a roly, consider a backpack actually sized to your child. As a Pre-K mom, I want to make sure my kids' little backs are protected with a backpack that is perfect for their size. Any bigger and they would surely ache, but this way, they get to feel like they are pulling their own weight.

Soft pencil case: These pencil cases are soft and sturdy and also weigh less than the boxes we carried as kids.

Soon enough we will tell our kids all about how we carried 1,000 pounds uphill both ways in a constant snow storm. Meanwhile, our kids (and their chiropractors) will thank us.

Would you buy these?


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