5 Easy Ideas to Green Your Kid's Backpack

eco friendly school suppliesNow that you've found the perfect backpack, you've got to fill that carry-all with everything your kid needs for a successful school year. Instead of just grabbing the nearest pencil box, why not think green this school year? There are a lot of green products out there, but you don't have to search every eco-friendly store in America to set up your child with a small carbon footprint. Nor do you have to buy carbon credits for your grade schooler.

Let us be your guide to all things back-to-school and eco. Here are 5 ways to green your kid's backpack in a snap.


Mr. Ellie Pooh Notepad

Organic notebook made from elephant pooh? Yes, please! This adorable and 100 percent recycled notebook ($15) is actually made from 50 percent fibers in elephant dung and 50 percent post consumer paper. Give your kid some serious bragging rights and the excuse to say "pooh" all year long.

eco friendly school suppliesThe Seven Year Pen

Rather than fill up a landfill, grab a pen that will give you seven years of writing on pooh paper. The Seven Year Pen ($7.50) has a huge ink cartridge in its little body and can write two meters a day for seven years.

eco friendly school suppliesLittle Seed Hoodie

Everyone needs a lightweight hoodie in her backpack. Grab a raw cotton and eco-friendly dyed hoodie ($38), roll it up, and be ready for the cool breezes of fall or the chilly classroom.

eco friendly school suppliesPersonalized SIGG Bottles

Not only will your kid always know which water bottle is his, you're saving the environment with a reusable, BPA-free drink option at the same time. Start with a SIGG ($11 to $30), and make it yours at CafePress.

eco friendly school suppliesKindle

Don't bust that backpack to pieces with all those heavy books! Instead, grab a Kindle ($114) for your kiddo, and download away. Just remember, this can double as mom's toy on the weekends. That's worth saving some trees, right?


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