6 Clothing Staples for Back to School

kids going back to school
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It's time to break out the debit card and hit the stores, because back to school shopping time is upon us. And that means investing in good-quality, basic clothes that will stand up to your kids' active lives.

Some people suggest not buying a lot until after the first day of class, especially if your child will be at a new school and gets the chance to take in the prevailing fashion trends. While that's good advice, certain back to school basics will always be in fashion. Here's our guide to the must-haves:


1) Jeans, Jeans, Jeans. Even schools with a dress code that typically doesn't allow jeans, like my daughter's, frequently dangle "jeans days" as an incentive. And then there's after school and the weekend. Trust me, you won't regret stocking up on these.

2) Tennies, gym shoes, sneakers -- or whatever you call them. Again, even if your child isn't allowed to wear these to school, he or she will wear them a lot outside the classroom, and they are a definite for gym class. There are so many cute styles, from preppy and casual to street cool and super technical, you'll be able to find a pair (or two) at your price point that your kid will love. 

3) School logo wear. Lots of schools require kids to wear these when they're at off-campus events like field trips or competitions. Believe me, you don't want to be rushing into the school three minutes after pickup time on the day before a field trip where they are required to wear their school T-shirt, praying they have one left in your child's size.  Even if they aren't a requirement, it's fun for your child to advertise school pride.

4) A jacket, or two. Depending on where you live, a classic water-resistant windbreaker might be all you need, or you may need another jacket, hoodie, or fleece that bridges the gap between a light jacket and a super-warm winter coat. Make sure to write your child's name and contact info in these, because kids are famous for leaving them behind on the playground or accidentally grabbing a friend's.

5) Easy-care basic tees. Long-sleeve, short-sleeve, or both ... these are great for layering under a woven shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt; mixing and matching with bottoms; and even layering together. They add a lightweight layer of warmth and are great for days that start out chilly and are warm by afternoon. Your child can just peel off the top layer and still look presentable. 

6) Sweats, leggings, or yoga pants: For gym class, soccer practice, or kicking back after school. Some kids can and will wear them to school as well; after all, who doesn't love to be comfy while they learn?

What are your favorite back-to-school basics?

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