5 Meaningful Ways to Help Out Your Kid's Teacher

help your teacherAs you shop for your child's supplies list in preparation for the big first day of school, don't forget his teacher! You know, the person who created that list, who's setting up the classroom and writing lessons plans into the wee hours of the morning. These men and women aren't just the people at the head of the class telling your child which page to open his book up to every day, they are your partners in your child's education.

Which means, you've got to pull your weight! Here are five meaningful ways you can help out your kid's teacher, and he or she, in turn, can help your kid.


1. Volunteer

Even if you work full-time, you can volunteer to send out an email blast. There are a million little details that go into creating a happy classroom, and if you can spend just a little bit of time getting involved, you'll make things smoother for everyone.

2. Talk to Your Child

Instead of the general "How was your day?" ask your kid about a specific class or project that's happening that day. The more you know about what your child likes or struggles with, the more you can prepare her for school. Which will make her teacher's job that much easier, and the lessons so much more effective for your child.

3. Pitch In on School Supplies

When you buy your child's list, grab a few extra pairs of scissors. There are some kids who either can't afford or can't remember their supplies, and it's usually the teachers who pay for these things out of their own pocket. They'll be happy to get it.

4. Show Up on Time

A late child is a disruption to the classroom. If you have to set your alarm earlier, do it. Change your route to school to avoid traffic? Do it. Every minute counts in those few hours your teacher has her classroom's attention; be sure you're helping to facilitate the day.

5. Teach Your Child Respect

If your kid thinks all rules are off once he leaves his home, he's going to be "that" kid at school. Teaching your child that adults should be respected and listened to will go a long way in the classroom, and help his future prospects as well. Set a great example by showing his teacher the proper respect you would any professional who is caring, molding, and shaping your child.

How do you help out your child's teacher?


Image via Corey Leopold/Flickr

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