15 Reasons to Celebrate the Start of School

There are two camps of mothers: Those who cry on the first day of school, and those who rejoice with the “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” commercial from Staples playing gleefully in their heads. Not surprisingly, my kids start this week and I've already started dancing. Turns out, I'm not alone in my glee about solo trips to Target and phone calls in peace.

Here's what some of my fellow moms are celebrating about the start of the school year ...


1. "Getting to drink a *hot* coffee. Not warm, hot." Carolyn, Hooked and Happy

2. "Having the pool to myself and able to work on my all over tan!" Beth

3. "Being able to do what I want, when I want, and where I want for 7 hours!" Kristin

4. "I get the PS3, Wii & Xbox all to myself." Jasmine, Fashion Grail

5. "I stuff my face with food I ban in their presence while they're at school." Erin, I'm Gonna Kill Him

6. "Having sex in the middle of the day!!!!Adrianna

7. "I don't have to wipe the kids' asses when they poop or listen to the WHINING!!" Rachel, Mommy Needs a Vacation

8. "The decrease in the decibel level in the house." Kim

9. "That I can clean out the toys and make things disappear without anyone noticing!" Rebecca

10. "The kitchen is no longer an all you can eat snack bar and the basement is no longer a crash pad for Disney girl drama." Rebecca, Random Thoughts by Rebecca

11. "Finally getting a bikini wax without an audience!" Jessica, A Parent in Silver Spring

12. "That second cup of coffee ... in PEACE!" Chrissy, Life As a CEO

13. "No more beach sand tracked across the wood floors, crunched into the car rugs, or spilling from the lint trap in the dryer!" Andrea, Gold Coast Mama

14. "I can eat whatever I damn well please for breakfast and/or lunch. Over a wrapper. In front of the computer while it's playing profanity-laced or boring-science-filled YouTube videos." Kimberly, Arizona Writer

15. "I will no longer be forced to eat their leftover lunches. Okay I'm kind of gonna miss that ... but my ass won't." Kathy, Mama's Losin' It

What are YOU most excited about?


Image via KB35/Flickr

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