5 Ways to Fake Being an Exceptional Mother

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My own mother never took the easy way out. All of her cakes were baked from scratch, and until we wouldn't allow it, our Halloween costumes were completely handmade. She did all of her gardening and even our Chinese food was freshly made at home.

As a kid, I looked down on my friends with mothers who relied on Betty Crocker or polyester ready to wear ensembles. My mother loved me enough to do everything from scratch for me. I won! And, I knew exactly what kind of mother I wanted to be ...

It turns out that I am not that mother at all. Not even close. Yet, somehow, people often think that I am. Here are my magic tips on how to appear to be an exceptional mother, without actually being one:

1. Every time your child brings home a work of art from school, stick it in a drawer. When you need a homemade card or present for the grandparents, take one out and personalize it with their name. They’ll never know it wasn't made just for them and you can save nagging your child for another time. Win, win!

2. Add a cup of sour cream to any boxed cake mix to make it taste homemade. Someone gave me this tip years ago and it works like a charm. Use the cake mix with homemade frosting. Nobody will be the wiser.

3. Stock up on clearance or Dollar Store toys and create a secret gift closet. Use it for last-minute party gifts and impromptu pick-me-ups. It’s a necessity.

4. Brush up on your fort building skills. It will save you during sick days and snow storms.

5. Make a “Rainy Day Bucket.” Fill it with new crayons, markers, paper, Play Doh, fun scissors, etc. Just when the kids are about to drive you certifiably insane, whip it out and let them have at it. Sit back and relish in your genius.

What are your tips for seeming like an exceptional mother?


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Jenni... JenniferDawyn

I'm not a Mom, but am planning on being one someday.  In the meantime, I'm picking up tips of what to do (have a backpack diaper bag, a rocker/recliner for the nursery) and what not to do, and I like these - ESPECIALLY number 1.  Nice!

ceciliam ceciliam

Interesting. I'm not sure I have any tips, though. I am one of those crafty make things from scratch type of mom. lol!

nonmember avatar Ava&CamMom

This one is wasteful as all get out but.... when my two (aged 26 months and 16 months)get really fussy (like screaming/squealing all day) and nothing else helps, I bust out the cheap toilet paper and let them throw it all around the living room. They love it and just laugh and laugh. They will wrap each other or cats or toys and make a huge mess, but its one that's easy to pick up (my oldest loves to pick up anything). I just use the toilet paper for mild cleaning jobs. I do that or use bubbles to help cheer them up. Sometimes there's nothing like letting them make a big mess :)

Erika... ErikaMarie.com

1 cup of sour creme?  Really?  Hmm...

Melis... Melissa042807

I totally do #2. I use boxed cake mix (I have my favorites) mostly because from-scratch cake is tricky at the high elevation I live at. Tried one once - fell flat as a crater! So I just make my own frosting and do things like bake the cake in round pans and make layers and everyone is super impressed and thinks I'm Martha Stewart. :-) I really have very few tricks up my sleeve, but when I whip them out, it makes me look like Supermom. 

Natasha Stickles

I'm a Pampered Chef Consultant & they have a "Magic Pot". Deep Covered Baker with lid!! I cook all kinds of dinners in the microwave (chowders, pork loin, whole chickens, etc.) No one knows it was made in the microwave & I'm an excellent chef who makes homemade dinners!! ;o)

nonmember avatar Amanda

I always add 1 tsp of imitation butter, 1 tsp imitation almond and 1 tsp vanilla to a bake mix, it takes just like homemade. I've also used a box mix for red velvet cake then make homemade cream cheese frosting. It's a hit every time.

nonmember avatar Mary

Thanks for share good post..

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

I loove the tp idea! My kids would have a blast since I'm always on them about using to much lol. It would be like "whoa who is this and what happen to mom" type of thing lol. Who woulda thunk the sour cream trick. I can't think of anything that makes me exceptional lol.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I am a make from scratch Mom,  and not a cook like my own Mom I like to taste my food 

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