5 Ways to Simplify School Day Mornings

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school morningsThe alarm clock is buzzing, and everyone is stumbling blindly into the hallway. It's the first day of school, guys! If your house becomes a chaotic place in the hours before everyone leaves for work, school, and any other stops along the way, you need a new method to your family madness.

Rather than hire a personal assistant for everyone in your household, take control of the daily goings-on between your walls. There are a few simple but very effective ways to simplify your morning routine. Avoid the early a.m. meltdowns, and give your kids a great start to their day by making these five changes:

1. Pack the Night Before

Just like you would for a flight, make sure the backpack and lunch box are ready to go before everyone gets into bed. Grab and go makes it unbelievably easy in the a.m. and eliminates the big scramble.

2. Healthy & Quick Breakfast

Have at least three go-to fast, easy, and healthy breakfast recipes on hand, with all the ingredients you need fully stocked. Three suggestions: Steel cut oatmeal, salsa baked eggs, fruit-filled yogurt & granola.

3. Get a Bathroom Routine

If mom showers first, kid #1 second, dad third, and the other one takes a bath the night before -- keep this schedule every single day. That way everyone gets into a groove and knows how much time they have before they can claim the bathroom and/or breakfast table.

4. Streamline the Commute

You may love hanging out with the kindergarten moms, and he may prefer to pick up every Thursday. But no matter who usually takes whom, map out the work and school routes and see if maybe you've been creating more drive time for yourselves by ignoring an easy commuting solution.

5. Family Board

Whether it's chalk, erasable marker, or a giant note pad, create a central writing space that everyone must consult before going to bed. This is where you'll write down any appointments, school supplies needed, or permission slip reminders for the next day. Use it, write it, read it, and don't feel the last-minute panic ever again.

How do you make your early mornings go smoothly during the school year?


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Melis... Melissa042807

I don't have any school-aged children yet, but I'm already darn good at getting all of us out the door on time and without being at each other's throats. :-) I like to say "If there's one thing I'm good at, it's planning the escapt route!" LOL For us the key is having a routine. Husband doesn't even have to ask me what I need his help with any more. We've both got the routine down.

sandr... sandraberke

Idk this is my oldest first yr of school!but im looking for ALL the tricks n tips n advise i can get.

bills... billsfan1104

We have the schoolbags packed the night before thank god. BUt this year, I bought a dry erase board with magnets, and corkboard, so we can write down appointments. I hope I can keep up with it. And they have the healthier eggo waffles now too, that you can slap some honey on it or peanut butter(if not allergic). SO I am hoping to do all of this.

elasmimi elasmimi

The biggest thing to me is to have everything ready the night before, and that includes my glasses, keys, and purse. I have a container on the wall beside her desk where we put everything that is to go to school with her in the am.

momka... momkaribg

I have everything ready the night before

music... musicmom08

Having them pick out their clothes the night before helps as well.

nonmember avatar CBW

Coffee has to be ready when I get up! My husband and I get ready first. We sit for about 30 minutes enjoying coffee and talk before we wake the kids. It's our alone time everyday and the best way to keep communication flowing. The kids shower and pack the night before. They have 5 things they do every morning. Get dressed, make bed, eat, brush hair & teeth, and read their Bible. Then they're out the door. My calendar is on the computer which is shared between everyones smart phone or Ipad. We have five kids, but one has already graduated college.

Pnukey Pnukey

We have a pretty smooth morning routine.

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