6 Awesome Backpacks Little Girls Will Adore

Jansport Color BackpackPencils break and markers go dry, but it's well worth investing in a good backpack for back to school. Your girl is going to be toting that thing on her back for the next year -- longer if you're lucky. This thing has got to hold all their reading, writing, and 'rithmetic books plus all those show and tell goodies, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fun for function. Check out these ridiculous cute picks for rad little girls.


JanSport Super G Series -- Zappos, $35

Remember the days when we doodled on EVERYTHING? Keep their clothes scribble free by giving them a backpack that doubles as an artist's canvas.

Land's End backpack

School Uniform Girls' Butterfly Floral FeatherLight 100 Backpack -- Lands' End, $23.50

Let me just say this about the bags from Lands' End. They last. I had the same bag from fifth grade through the end of high school, and save for a replaced zipper along the way, my mom never saw a reason to replace it. It was that good.

The Children's Place

Owl Messenger Bag -- The Children's Place, $12.50

If she gives a hoot about fashion, she'll know that owls are hot for the elementary school set. An over-the-shoulder messenger bag gives her the chance to spread the weight across her body and have easy access to all her goodies.

Skip Hop Fox

Fox Zoo Kids Little Kid Backpack -- Skip Hop, $20

Little backs need little bags, and this foxy chick is a perfect fit for a first-timer to haul onto the bus. I bought one of Skip Hop's matching lunch bags for my daughter last year, so I can tell you they handle everything your kids can put them through and everything the washing machine has to throw at them!

Crocodile Creek

Princess Backpack -- Crocodile Creek, $27.99

A princess who doesn't follow the crowd will love this sweet little girl's bag (made for kids up to age 8), and Moms and Dads will love knowing it's BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free.

ladybug bag

Ladybug Rolling Backpack -- Stephen Joseph, $34.99

Take a load off her little back with a sweet bag with wheels. This one's made of vinyl so it can be wiped clean after they drag it through the mud puddles (but maaaa, it was more fun that way).

What are you looking for in a backpack this year?


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