Goodbye Summer, Hello School: 3 Ways to Transition

back to school readinessLazy days, late nights, and summer fun are all about to end with the start of another new school year. While you enjoy the final few days of schedules with major wiggle room, don't wait until the last night of vacation to remind your kids everything is about to change.

Adjusting back to the school year schedule isn't just a good way to prevent lots of scrambling at the last minute, it's a good way to give your kid the best possible start to the school year as well.

So kick it into gear, and give these three strategies a try to make your transition back to school a smooth one.


1. Set Up a Study Area

Let your child pick out a space where he thinks he can concentrate on his homework. If he wants to decorate it and add special things to his space in order to make him feel like it's his, it will help him to get excited about sitting down to work. The more feedback he has on where he's comfortable, the more likely he is to head there and take care of his homework.

2. Start a Bedtime Routine

Bath, book, and bed is a great way to get your kid back onto a schedule that will get her well-rested for school. Incorporating a great read will inspire your child to hit the books as well. Start at least a week before the first day, so you won't have any complaining and cajoling the night before the big day.

3. Family Dinner

Your schedule is about to get crazy, and you want to make sure there's a dedicated time when everyone will all be together. It's also the best time to eke out information about what your kid is loving and struggling with five days a week in class. Start putting the healthy food back on the table so your kids can also have enough energy to do their best every day.

What are you doing to get your kids back into the groove?


Image via KB35/Flickr

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