5 Awesome Backpacks Boys Will Love

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best backpacks for boysLoad up the kids and point them toward the bus, because it is back-to-school time very, very soon. Of course your cool little dudes are going to need a fantastic backpack to schlep all those books, pencils, notebooks, and high tech thingamajigs around with them constantly. This year, instead of blending in, why not have your guy stand out in the crowd?

These five awesome backpacks for boys will guarantee your kid will make a splash using only what's on his back.


1. Spiketus Rex

Dinosaur loving kid or not, this rad Spiketus Rex Full Pack ($60) will send out the alert that your kid, and his backpack, need to be taken seriously. Bonus: You will not lose this in a pile of packs after school.

best backpacks for boys2. Boys' Frog Camouflage FeatherLight Backpack

Whether cutting them up in class or putting them down their sister's shirt, boys love frogs. Combine the camo and frog look into one cool backpack, and you've got a winner. Lands' End will also monogram that Frog Camouflage FeatherLight ($23.50), of course.

best backpacks for boys3. Beatrix Alexander Backpack

What kid doesn't want to represent with robots? No kid, that's who. This Alexander pack ($52) will impress fellow students and hipster teachers alike.

best backpacks for boys4. Milkdot Top Kat Backpack

Your kid is a star and should not be afraid to show it. Throw this Milkdot Top Kat pack ($39.95) on his back, in lime or tangerine, and everyone will get the picture, immediately.

best backpacks for boys5. Osprey Jet from REI

One of the most trusted companies in backpacks, REI makes even the kid stuff look serious. This Osprey Jet pack ($45) will last way beyond the school year, and your little dude will want to rock it for much longer than a couple of short semesters.

Bonus #6 -- Mystery Pack

Don't forget to hit up the "high fashion, low prices" stores to shop for name brands at a discount. Burlington Coat Factory is chatting about their hot backpacks, so head to a store and see what you can scoop up for your hip kid.


back to school, boys


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PonyC... PonyChaser

The Land's End pack gets my vote. I bought one for my son last year as he went to First Grade. He beat the crap outta that thing... I am still in therapy over the stuff I found in there... I washed it this year in prep for Back to School, and it's like new. And I know he dragged it on stone roads, threw it under the seat on the bus, left it in the rain, generally used it like a little boy would. He's got it packed this year and ready to head to second grade. Highly recommended.


I got an awesome toy story 3 one at walmart for $10. They had some cute flame ones for $4 something.

ginge... gingerwife

i totally purchases the Alexander backpack a few weeks ago for my son who is starting Kindergarten, I can't wait to get it!


I saw the one with spikes the other day, too funny. 

critt... critter_boo

wow i love the spiked one

critt... critter_boo

we got fancy nancy for my dd and  my ds is getting mi state

Leele... Leelee1008

that spikey one scares me, reminds me of the bumpy weird thing on yo gabba gabba

Leele... Leelee1008

my boys got 2 last year, a phillies one, and a regular one from kmart last year, they are still in good shape so were reusing 

frysh... fryshannon34

That first one is awesome

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