Putting a Little Girl in a Two-Piece Is a Bad Idea


bikinis on rackBy now we know full well that folks will put anything up on Facebook. Not much is sacred — which is interesting because people who will barely speak to each other if they cross paths in public are so open behind the sanctity of their computer screens. In real life, you gotta check their pulse to make sure they’re responsive, but on The Book, they’ve got all the personality. It’s mystifying.

More than anything, I get aggravated when people detailing every facet of their lives on the world wide web post pics of themselves on vacation, and in a bathing suit no less. I rarely see an instance where that was a good idea. And it really, really crosses the line when they flash pics of their poor baby girls outfitted in two-pieces.

The whole point of a bikini is to show more skin. So why exactly would a mother want her daughter to do that? A 4-year-old in a triangle top and skimpy bottoms is just disturbing. 

Actually, as I was posting this, I stumbled across a pic of a little girl in a two-piece that I was going to use for the story. But I felt so bad — one, because she looked so unnatural in her tiny little garment, and two, because I was making an example out of the poor, unsuspecting child — that I opted against it. No need to take a little one any further down the low road just for the sake of having companion art. You get the picture in your head anyway because we’ve all seen it before.

In a world where little girls are being snatched off the streets and sold into sex slavery, and perverts and pedophiles are lurking everywhere from the local 7-Eleven to principal’s offices, I can’t for the life of me understand why a mother would encourage her girl child to sex it up in a piece of fabric that’s designed to put more body on display. I don’t want anyone lusting after my child. I’m already fighting them off like uncaged hounds.

She doesn’t get that. But that’s part of my job as her mama. To anticipate the crap she doesn’t yet know she’s going to have to deal with. As a woman and as a person living life in general.

A few weeks ago, a friend of the family gave The Girl a season pass to Six Flags. Naturally, she was amped to go and I was excited that she was excited. The only caveat? She needed a new bathing suit. The one she had had been banned in the Harris house for lack of coverage. It was purchased while she was staying with her father’s side of the family so that she could make an impromptu trip to the pool in the hotel they were staying in. But this thing was a friggin’ string bikini.

So in order to take advantage of the season pass, I hauled Miss Thang right on out to Target to find a new bathing suit. She wasn’t thrilled because she didn’t see anything wrong with the stringy thing her daddy had purchased. I was peeved because I couldn’t wrap my mind around a man buying something so scanty and small for his own 12-year-old daughter to wear.

Needless to say, Daddy-O won this round of the unspoken cool parent contest and Mommy Dearest got many unpleasant thoughts darted in my direction, I’m sure. As a mother, I realize I’m not here to win any popularity contests, so I’ve developed the ability to block out those kinds of vibes and ignore any comments, should they bubble up to the surface in a whine, sulk, or a huff and puff tantrum.

Target didn’t help my case much. Neither did the Old Navy or Marshalls in the same shopping center. Tween Girl was right — all of the cute bathing suits are bikinis. The very few one-pieces we managed to find were matronly or, even worse, maternity. And selling a preteen girl on a plain black unitard with no bells, whistles, beads, or snazzy design elements was a no-go, especially since even I like a little razzle dazzle on my bathing suit myself. I couldn’t blame her for being underwhelmed.

In the end, we struck a reluctant compromise: she could wear the suit her father bought if she wore a baby tee over the top. She wasn’t in love with the idea, but ultimately everyone was happy. She got to go to Six Flags and I had the peace of mind that my child’s body wasn’t making some trifling old man hot.

Do you see anything wrong with young girls wearing two-piece bathing suits?

Image via Paul Keller/Flickr

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babyb... babybirch

For once, I agree with you . Little girls don't belong in bikinis . I wasn't allowed to have one until I was at least fourteen . The goal isn't to have a sexy four-year-old ...

Pua Smith

My MIL bought my two year old a bikini and I was horrified. She wore it once to appease my husband, but never again. She can wait until she's older, wearing a one-piece until then isn't going to kill her.

jagam... jagamama0710

My 4 yr old wears 2 pieces but they are tankinis. It's easier for her when she needs to go to the bathroom.


I go for one pieces 99% of the time, but DD has two of the bottoms w the sunscreen tees-- easier for diaper changes

Pua Smith

I see no problem with tankini's or the bottoms with sunscreen tees. I have a problem with a bikini that I would have potentially worn during spring break in college on my baby.

nonmember avatar Casey

I agree but most of the parents I've seen this summer don't. I usually make my kids wear full-fledged swim shirts and when I do let my daughter go without it, she's in a one piece. Granted, she's three so I'm not fighting the same battles as parents of older kids but here's hoping I'm still able to stand strong when I do.

nonmember avatar monica

when my daughter was little, like 3 and 4 I had no problem with bikinis. I thought they were cute on her little chubby body. but when she started to get older they didn't seem to fit. She doesn't like them either. Now tankinis are a different story.

Sara Haxton

My little girl has a 2 piece bathing suit.  And I love it.  It makes going to the bathroom so much easier.  just pull the bottoms off and she can go potty.  One pieces are a pain in the butt. She wears a swim/PFD vest when she swims so nothing is showing. Shoot when we are at her grandparents house she only wears the bottoms and some water wings. By the way my DD is 4.  It is a baby get your mind out of the gutter.

kkey75 kkey75

I think there is a big difference between a 4yo wearing a bikini and a 12yo wearing one. A 4yo isn't starting puberty and there's nothing there to see. My 3yo has worn both. However, she is has a long torso and we have a hard time finding one piece suits that are long enough to cover the top without being too big on the bottom. Personally, I would rather her show a little belly than have her crotch hanging out. She's little. What's the big deal?

Jennifer Chance Spencer

I agree with you 100%.I hate seeing little girls wearing a 4t version of an outfit for a 24 yr old!I don't even let my daughter sit on the MAll Santas lap for pictures, much less run around a pool in a bikini!I saw a movie, can't remember the name but it had Richard Gere and it said that pedifiles get jobs that put them around children. The particular pedifile he was chasing in the movie worked at a 30 min photo shop and he would make hisself copies of pics of kids. Now I know this is just a movie but the reality of it was paralizing to me!I want my child to be darling and be a little girl, i can't understand the thought process of the moms that have their little ones in halter tops and go-go dresses! This was a great topic thank you for the reassurance that I'm not over protective, I just have comman sense!

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